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I'm on the fence between the Plenue M, the AK100 II (Jr is out due to laggy UI) and the X5ii.  I've ruled out the DX90, AK Jr, ZX2 for various reasons.    The problem is that I cannot find the Plenue M anywhere.  There are no listings on Ebay and Amazon appears to be out as well.  Is this likely just a supply shortage or something worse?
I decided to sell mine on a well-known classified website, without opening it so I wouldn't take a hit on the re-sale.  I'm sure the E12DIY is a great amp but I purchased the HiFi-M8 while I was waiting for the E12DIY.  The M8 does everything I want in a portable and I don't see a real need for the DIY anymore.   Cheers to everyone who got theirs and good luck to those who are still waiting.
Got my tracking number.
 I'm looking at the HD 650 cable, which is reasonably priced.  If I owned the HD 800, I don't think I would go the OEM route.
Yes!  I've been waiting for these to be available in the US after catching wind about them several weeks ago.  Thanks for sharing Jude!
James, you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.  I wish you all the strength in the world to have a speedy recovery.   Best, Phil
Since we've been on the topic of charging lately... I just purchased a 1ft C13 cable for the charger instead of using the 3ft one that comes with the M8.  The best thing is that it's $5 and appears to be made by Apollo which is what CEntrance uses.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/1ft-Short-3-Conductor-PC-Power-Cord-Cable-18WAG-C13-5-15P-CablesOnline-PC-111-/280848323004   My goal was to have a little less bulk when I'm traveling with the charger. 
 This may help you:http://www.head-fi.org/t/518319/ultrasones-commitment-to-customer-service
   I'm inclined to agree with olor1n on this one.  If you have buyer's remorse for the amount of money you spent, then sell them.  However, if you're thinking of selling them only because you "lack the appropriate DAC/Amp" combo... that's nuts.  Even from your E07K they will sound better than anything you own (judging from your profile).   Enjoy what you have.  This hobby is a lot more fun that way!  
 It's about time.  I love this tradition.
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