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Selling my triplets. In great condition, would prefer the sell the whole stack at once (makes the most sense aswel). Items are based in the Netherlands, willing to ship world wide, accept paypal. Happy to answer any of your questions!   -Victor
The M^3 Amplifier with the Sigma11 psu, build into 1 unit, with additional selectable bass-boost. Unit is still working perfect. Banana used for scale, obviously. Item is situated in the Netherlands, willing to ship anywhere. I accept paypal.   Happy to answer any questions!   -Victor
Sale pending
The amp/dac is in used condition, 100% functional. Great little amp/dac with crossfeed, usb input, 9V battery compartment, PSU in. High / Low gain settings.
AKG K240 Sextett middle production. Great condition, new pads, original box!   Located in Europe, shipping international (US/Canada etc.) is 20usd
Product Features Audio Technic's flagship headphones -- the worlds first wooden clip-on Housing made of Japans finest Hokkaido cherry wood Sliding "ear-fitting mechanism" ensures a comfortable fit Soft rubber support and large ear hanger reduce ear fatigue 28mm Neodymium driver   100% working, very good condition. Comes with the extension cable and the carry pouch.   Located in Europe, shipping international (US/Canada etc.) is 20euro
Comes with the original case, the rubber tips, and some Comfy T500 tips. 100% working, good condition!
I am a new HD800 user, love them. Need to EQ a bit off the top, gonna 'Anax' mod them as soon as I'm sure I got all the right materials and don't screw it up. I'm also thinking of pairing it with the Gungnir, which should be a good pairing. The Lyr should be ok with it, I think its a bit on the light side compared to the Gungnir and HD800? The Mjolnir was also on my list, but since you can only use it balanced, its a bit too limited for me. Eddie Current Super 7 is now...
Really guys....
Based on the silver SR-325is from Grado (thick cable etc.). Fully modified by Symphones.ca, meaning new drivers (V4) AND new aluminum housings! Only damage is 2 small ding's (see last photo).   Comes with the original (unmodified) bowls. But also with quarter modded comfies and quarter modded HD414 pads, and including the box!   Kind regards,   Victor
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