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Quote: Originally Posted by 003 What is clr? Calcium Lime Rust CLR - 28OZ CLR Cleaner It's a brand of cleaner, you can pick it up at most stores.
I purchased a set of Ultrasone PRO 2500's from Corey. We had a minor but completely justifiable delay with the shipping. He kept me informed every step of the way and the package came double boxed and packaged very well. I would not hesitate to do business with Corey again. Overall a very good experience. 4 Stars Andy
I just gor an RMA number for that exact problem on a pair of 2500's... the wire broke where it enters the earpiece.
Wow, nobody?
Ok, I have been seriously considering getting a music server setup going and had a few questions..... 1. Could I get a inexpensive setup like the Squeezebox Duet and connect the digital out to an Audio Research DAC7 Digital-to-Analog Converter to get better sound quality? Or would I be better off getting something like a Linn - Majik DS or a Transporter (My thought was to get the really good DAC and use inexpensive source/transports) 2.It must be able to play...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pricklely Peete Pants is a good fit ...lol.... Peete. Welcome Pants.... I'm new here too and I feel sorry for your wallet too. Within a month of being here I re-ripped all of my cd's with EAC and spent almost two grand on different headphones including a set of AKG K1000's that I'm getting ready to send out to be recabled. Add a Predator amp to keep me busy for a while until I make up my mind about a full sized...
Quote: Originally Posted by sonq Did you get this info from a review? They did not mention this on their website. I'm tempted to get the basic DAC1 as I don't need either USB nor Preamp function but not sure if the HP output quality is different. I believe you are correct, the headphone amp is the same across all three models, It appears I misread the specs. Sorry
I havent been able to find a direct comparison between these two in the forums here anywhere so I thought I'd ask here. Both can be used as headphone amps and the DAC1 pre now appears to have a better HP amp than the DAC1 USB, and the DAC1 Pre upsamples all of its inputs. The Grace can upsample everything but the USB input, but has a crossfeed circut. The grace has an optional remote and an optional balanced output stage. My intention for both of these devices is for...
Well, being new here I thought i'd go straight to the horses mouth. I just got off the phone with Grado Labs. When I asked their sales director if anything should be used to protect the woods finish and/or to prevent it from cracking his response was "Why would you need to do that?" Basicly the rest of the conversation boiled down to wipe them off with a soft clean cloth and if you absoutely have to use something no heavier than "Pledge". He said they have had no...
Ok, I can't figure this out... I set up EAC according to the "guide" and when i tell foobar to "convert" to WAV i try to pull up the cuesheet to burn a copy in EAC I get all sorts of errors.... Is there a way to use EAC to burn a copy of stuff I have on foobar or do I have to have the original CD to burn a copy with EAC ? Thanks again..... :>) Andy
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