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1. Audeze LCD-3 2. Sennheiser HD 800 3. Sennheiser HD 650 4. Cardas EM 5813 4. Sennheiser HD 465
Nailed it
Seems like this thing is way overpriced! The BDP-105 uses the exact same dacs but has 5 channels of output not just 2 plus plays cds, dvds, sacd etc! The BDP-105 also has a headphone jack. The GA-1 should only cost half what the BDP-105 costs not the same! So either the GA-1 is way over priced or the BDP-105 is underpriced.
Those things look retarded! They remind me of this guy:
Im not sure if everyone knows thiis and is in the common knowledge department yet, but iPhone and iPod touch devices will play hi rez flac files. It has to be iPod touch 2nd gen or newer or iPhone 4 or newer and you need the camera connection kit. There are a couple choices of DACS you can use. I personally have used the RAL KEB02iP and the ADL X1. You will also need an app to play the flac files of course. I use the free app called FLAC Player+. There are several paid...
These amps are $440! Dont believe this guy's lies to steal your money!
Has anyone had the chance to compare the Cardas Clear Light cable to the Silver Dragon v3 cable on the Sennheiser HD 650?
I got mine!
Hey everyone. I haven't been on this forum for several years but now I'm back. Because of this I really don't know what the new hot amps are anymore! Please recommendations! Looking for something battery operated to drive me Cardas EM 5813 headphones. Source will be an iPod 5.5 gen or an Astell & Kearns AK100. Just to give you an idea of how behind the times I am the last headphone amp I made was the M³. Of course I have also made the PPA, Millet Hybrid, Cmoy and a few...
Has anyone tried the OPA2107AP? These are my favorite op amps and I use them in several different amps. I just ordered an Asus DSX so ill update when I try the 2107 in it!
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