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I agree, don't buy any of the NOS tubes Woo sells! They are all junk!. For the Woo WA2 there is only 1 option. Siemens CCA (or E88CC). Get the 1960's grey shield A frame. Than get either the GEC 6AS7G or Western Electric 421A. Anything else is less than the best so like you said...why buy NOS twice!?! OH and I have no idea how fat your wallet is but you could also go for some Telefunken CCA. Those are $1000 each though for new ones.
Oh look what the cat dragged in! What's in the box? What's in the box?!? Western Electric 421A
Yes the Western Electric 421A/5998 are the same tubes (they did label them 421A/5998 in the 1950's). But the Tung Sol 5998 IS NOT A WESTERN ELECTRIC 421A!!!
Woo Audio WA2 (GEC 6AS7G, Siemens CCA, Rft EZ80), Rotel RCD-971 (modifed with super clock & opamp upgrade), Rotel RT-1080, iPod Classic, Airport Express (for streaming itunes from mac pro server), Sennheiser HD 650 & HD 800, Audeze LCD-3.
This is totally wrong! Comparing the 2 tubes you can clearly see the difference. But if you actually own the 2 you can defiantly HEAR a difference! The 421A have better dynamics, more air, transparency and sound stage imaging.. Western Electric are the absoulte best of the best tubes period. And the 421A are relatively cheap tubes. Check out how much a pair of NOS western electirc 300B cost! The differences are: 421A have dual bottom halos or D getter with spiral wound...
Finally bought a pair of GEC 6AS7G tubes! They are straight brown base though. Thanks to dminches.
Are these domino or standard plate version? Post a pic of them. What are the test values for them?
1. Audeze LCD-3 2. Sennheiser HD 800 3. Sennheiser HD 650 4. Cardas EM 5813 4. Sennheiser HD 465
Nailed it
Seems like this thing is way overpriced! The BDP-105 uses the exact same dacs but has 5 channels of output not just 2 plus plays cds, dvds, sacd etc! The BDP-105 also has a headphone jack. The GA-1 should only cost half what the BDP-105 costs not the same! So either the GA-1 is way over priced or the BDP-105 is underpriced.
New Posts  All Forums: