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Id be interested in knowing what he paid as well. Best price I can find is $620 for a NOS pair. This is Telefunken CCA kind of money. Currently I use Siemens CCA (A-frame, grey plate 1960's) with Western Electric 421A. I have all the rest of the highly rated output tubes (GEC 6080 & 6AS7G, Tung Sol, etc) and the WE are by far my favorite. However I have only ever tried the CCA in the driver tubes (the stock chinese or whatever they were were used for target practise and...
Woo Firefly with dac and tube power supply.
For ****s & giggles I thought id try my sennheiser ie800 in my WA2 and IMGAwd! It sounds amazing!
Sounds like a bad amp (caps or transformer can cause hum). Should never have any hum in any audio gear period regardless of brand make or model! Hiss is from your tubes. I had a bad CCA driver tube that was giving me hiss once.
maheeinfy, Woo audio has excellent customer service. If you have concerns or problems with your amp just email or call him! He will put you at ease trust me. They are a small mom & pop type operation and care a great deal for their customers and about their customers. As to the difference of the headphone jack, I wouldn't worry about it. Remember they don't pump out thousands and thousands of these on an assembly line like any brand you'll find at Best Buy. They are hand...
Just because they are the same pinout DOES NOT MEAN they are meant to be used in the WA2! These tubes specifically are used in FM tuner stages (they are RF tubes). They are not meant for audio driver stage tubes! You really think a $5 in a $1200 amp is going to sound that good?
You mean 6922 to 6SN7 adapters? What headphones are you using and what type of sound are you after?
No the 421A are not the ones that require the adapter. That is the 6SN7GT.
Silly rabbit! 6SN7GT are not rectifiers! They are dual triodes! They would replace the 6922/E88CC tubes. And the Tung-Sol 5998 are garbage! I own those, the GEC 6080 & 6AS7G and the WE 421A. The Tung-Sol are the worst of the bunch! The WE 421A are the best hands down. Best bass, best soundstage, best detail, etc etc. The 6n23p are russian crap. They are basically their version of the 6922. A very poor imitation actually. I would never use that garbage in my amp. Russians...
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