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Some do and some don't. The product information will generally tell you. 
There was no model update. I think that the headphones I had didn't work properly.
I purchased the 10246 a few weeks ago and had some trouble with them (see previous post). The most important issue I had was sound. The bass was boomy and over bearing. Mids and Highs were not very good. Because of some other problems with BT connection and charging, I sent them back for a replacement. The new headphones are MUCH different. Bass is clear and not over powering. Mids and Highs are very good for a BT headphone. There is still an issue re-syncing with my...
I have the Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 and they are excellent! They are comfortable and actually stay in if you insert them properly (i.e., lift the ear when inserting). Sound is great, bass is deep and clear, mids and highs are well represented. Battery life is VERY short. They advertise 4.5 hrs, but I don't even get 4 hrs. If you get the one with the case that is a portable charging battery, you won't be out in the cold, but you can't use them when charging. For a...
Are there any other owners of their bluetooth headphones (10246)? If so, could you please post your impressions?   Thanks. Brad.
I don't have the 8323, just the 10246.
I purchased the 10246 BT headphones a week or so ago. What I read in this thread indicated that the quality of the audio was excellent for a BT headphone. My experience has not been as positive. First of all, if you connect it via a cable, you still need to have it powered on. I also don't notice any real difference in sound quality between BT and cable, even when using a Fiio E7. The bass is muddy in my opinion and the mids and highs don't have much...
I have the Uptowns and listen to them mostly with my iMac and iTunes. They have plenty of bass for me. I think they do a pretty good job of isolating, are very comfortable (especially with glasses) and cover the spectrum of music nicely.   Brad.
I'm also curious about any comfort issues with glasses. I can't use my SR80s because of the way the press my glasses into my head.   Thanks. Brad.
I read a review on Cnet that said they cause your ears to sweat after a relatively short period of time. Can you comment on that?
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