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Sold, thanks!
I'm selling my mighty UE900's to make room for something new. Lightly used, all the original accessories, box, and paperwork except the little velcro cable ties. Freshly swabbed!   I modified the cables by removing the plastic sheath and wire that wraps behind the ear, as pictured. - it's much more comfortable and secure this way, it sits nice and flat like the Westone IEMs.   You pay shipping, I'll pay the paypal fee. All offers considered.    Thanks!   edit:...
I love these headphones but they just don't get enough playtime!  All the original box, cables, warrantee card and adapters are there, the only thing that's showing any signs of wear is the green cable I was using.  The headphones are otherwise immaculate, no scratches, blemishes, or modifications.   edit: just noticed my trader feeback is 0, it's been a long while since I've used head-fi and I guess stats got reset at some point.  Please refer to my forum history for...
Apologies, all sold!
Amazing pair of IEM's, somehow I ended up with two pair!  I've only got one set of ears, so the other is for sale at a discount - didn't even open 'em :) 
Price droppity bumperz
The title says it all!  This is a great set of cans that has served me very well.   Excellent condition, not a mark or blemish on them, aside from the ear pads that are starting to yellow with age and love.   Comes with the original pleather case and 1/8" to 1/4" adapter, no box.   Asking $170 shipped in the US   pics:
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