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While you guys don't need to worry about snapping the nozzle off too too much, no harm in popping them in the freezer. I have as of yet failed to deliberately snap a nozzle, but all it takes is a little bad luck, so I'd still take some care.
Those look like 'Comply' tips.
I think if it's sounding on the level of the HD280Pro, they can't be burned in enough. 150 hours + is needed.   I'd burn them in before taking off the covers. These are on par/better than my DBA-02s in most aspects, so they aren't slouches.
Nothing wrong with the Turbines, they're a good series. It's the beats series that aren't as popular here.
What's even more surprising is that I've had a grand total of 1 email saying that they lacked bass. No complaints here, of course! Seriously, I'm glad everyone (and that truly seems to be nearly everyone) seems to be happy so far.
Without a doubt, Etymotic grey tri-flanges. The ones for the ER-6i. They help make Ety IEMs isolate like crazy and they are compatible with the DBA-02 as well.
I use the stock tips. I like the extra energy, they never fail to make female vocalists jump out and grab you.
It's hard to explain. It is certainly more balanced than than the Eterna - bass domination isn't what we are talking about. It's more that it just has deeper sub-bass. Overall there is less bass (if you count both sub and mid-bass) than the Eterna, but the sub-bass is about the same or a bit more than the Eterna. The rest of the spectrum does a good job of balancing that out though.
SB = more sub-bass, Eterna = more mid-bass. I too think the SBs actually edge out the Eterna for bass quantity, despite them having very different presentations.
I guess I answered my own question, it's over before anyone replied :P
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