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I agree with your perception of the Xcape's sound.   They sound almost like the DBA's little brother to me, what do you think? Mind you, mine are not yet burned in (shipment only arrived this evening) but they certainly sound similar enough to me in overall balance.
Oh yeah, you have the built-in filters. They're the same kind of thing as Westone uses. If you clean your ears, there shouldn't be anything that will cause damage.
The cable on the white Charm is smooth, but has the same basic design, aside the J-cord. I'd say that the white cable feels better in the hand.   While this is not burned in yet, the Feeling seems fairly balanced to me.  
  Exactly that, to keep crud away from the drivers. Nothing more, nothing less.
From my work with cables with mics, it should not affect the sound at all, as the mic/remote is on a totally seperate wire from the actual IEM signal wires.
@dogears, are you using the large tips for the core or are they keeping the IEMs in place? One could always trim the core off and use it as a spacer for your other tips.
I think the UEs are designed to stick out, so that would be why. Well, they're supposed to be worn Frankenstein style but with the flip mod you can get them nearly flat (how you have illustrated). Wearing the DBA how you wear them is perfectly fine, too. There may be more microphonics, but that's to be expected.
I didn't even know they had markings, last time I saw a pair I just figured they must be marketed to people who could really care less that left is left and right is right.
Love those AIC MTV Unplugged tracks! They're my favourite band, too!   Now, I'm actually turning to /you/ all for help!   I'm looking for the best isolating shallow insertion tips. I have some Ety tri-flanges, and they isolate well, but it's the nature of my ear that such long tips end up with the highs muffled when properly inserted. I notice the same thing with my ER-20s, but it doesn't bother me then since I'm using those for the noise attenuation alone, not looking... :P  
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