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From all I've read it mostly depends on how good a job your audiologist did of taking the impressions. If they did a great job, your chances of needing a refit are lowered.
  Use a small amount of cotton wool and place it in the nozzle. You only need enough to stop any wax from reaching the drivers. No worries then. Even using them without the filters isn't a big deal, but that'll give you the extra protection without changing the sound like another brand's filters would.
The non specific restock date is mostly just not to give people false hopes and have people upset if a date is missed, like last time. I don't get them from Treoo, we are both FA dealers that get them from FA.   That said, I'm getting them at the same time as Treoo. That should be quite soon, but until I officially have a date given to me I won't make promises.
They do have the descriptions on the Russian site, and seeing as Russia is their primary market, probably not a huge number.
Where did you get this information? I can safely say (as an FA dealer) that nobody involved with FA has ever sent money to anyone involved with administrating this forum. Samples have been sent to some forum members not affiliated with Head-Fi's management or with the forum at all. That's the extent of any incentives that have been given. I'll also add that there's never been any pressure from myself or FA on the reviewers to provide good reviews.   If you're asking for...
No worries David, I may consider doing more in the future but this time I know to make sure that they know the process may take a month or so.   It's not so much that I would rather not do it, but mostly that it's frustrating if you have to do it in only a couple sittings. It's work best spread out so that you doesn't explode with frustration. So, I would rather not do it under a time constraint, to avoid those situations. It would be something for patient people to...
FA made improvements that eliminated the majority of cases of the strain relief popping out, but it looks like it still is a problem on occasion. Krazy glue will do the job if applied correctly. Only a little dab is needed inside where the strain relief goes, then push the strain relief back down and hold for 20 seconds or so. That will do it.
I hope you do realize how difficult it is to provide perfect customer service for everyone. I'm speaking from experience. For the rep to not know all the details is to be expected - she works at the desk, not in the lab. With the volume they probably see, your order would go along the normal process and not receive particularly special attention as for notifying you. Do you know how many other people they need to reply to in a day? How many notifications they would have...
Well, swamped is certainly right! I haven't been replying to many DBA emails for the sole fact that I don't have any new information and will pass that on as soon as it is known to everyone who wrote in asking. I suspect it is soon that more will be ready but I would rather pass on fact than speculation. Additionally I'm stocking another brand of audio products now, so I've been working on that too. My apologies to everyone waiting for a reply, you'll be informed as soon...
Yes, one pair is shipped. The other is still in progress, it's a rather difficult thing to do, recabling these. I myself don't include any tips, but there are new tips with the new DBA.I'm doing the recable. And you're got it right, its quite difficult to do. Especially when time is hard to come by. TWFKs and small space inside the housing both make the process much more difficult than it would be with most IEMs and exponentially more difficult than with headphones
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