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Yeah, it's hard to go wrong between Apple, Google, and RIM. Looks like MS may be a competitor again, but personal preferences limit my interest in the platform. In order for the platform to work for me, solid multitasking is a must, and that's just the start.   The reason Android is good is because it's an option other than what Mr. Jobs gives you. Most people are perfectly happy with what he has provided, but for everyone else, the walls of the garden become...
They're both TWFKs, we know that for a fact. What we don't know is how different the internals of the drivers are (ie. are they tuned differently?) and the crossover differences. IIRC |joker| informed me that the CK10 does not use a crossover, and the DBA-02 does.
That was more intended towards Young Spade if he hadn't tried MixZing already. I know you know what you're doing, no worries :P In case he isn't rooted, that is.   I personally won't touch EQ with a ten foot pole, so I've never bothered with it really.  
It sounds to me like you may want to look into getting an amplifier if it's making the music sound that much better. It could simply be that your source is a bit underpowered and you've discovered that cranking it brings out the best in your IEMs. Just a thought.
Fully agreed!   While I am a Linux user, which pretty much automatically signs me off as an Android lover, I love my Nexus One and wouldn't have it any other way. Though, aside the design flaws, the iPhone is still a solid phone. I'd be happy with it too, just not quite as satisfied as I am with Android since I like my phone my way and tinker with things so that it's exactly what I want.   If you haven't already, try MixZing, it's both a powerful player and has a built-in...
I'm going to take a stab and add that it may be that there are simply too many 10/10s and the original point of the 10/10 was to show the best that he had heard up to that point. Of course, only |joker| knows.
Try listening to just the DBAs for a couple weeks and you'll find that you'll have adjusted to the new sound. Coming from the Eterna I can definitely see your point - they will sound very different and it takes a bit of time for your brain to become accustomed to the new sound signature.
I did mean the CK10 (in yellow). The CK100's graph is drastically different in the mids and highs.   The similarity that I pointed out with the DBA and the CK10 does give the doctorhead graph some credibility though, if you look at the section I pointed out there is similarity that would be beyond coincidence, since they do share basically the same driver.   As for the 20khz level, while the DBA does extend in the highs as would the CK10 etc, being BA based, I'd...
I honestly don't see the huge difference, comparing with the CK10 (which uses TWFK drivers as well). It's very important to remember that you can't simply compare graphs, as there are many many variables present in the testing procedure. To get an accurate comparison, you need to compare with the same equipment in the same situation. This is why two graphs of the same IEM may look different. Actually, even in this situation the 2-10khz range looks very similar between the...
Ah, you should have no troubles then. It's more so an issue when you don't know if the audiologist is good at what they do or not yet, and if it's your first time having impressions done  you might not know until you get the customs and try them on.
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