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If you haven't already got something lined up, I have a pair of M5s that I recabled with the DBA cable when the old one got too beat up. I could send them in the post for you to listen to and compare if you'd like, no problem. I don't use them, so no loss to me while they're gone.
That's a reasonable price for the quads, if they are good I might just go for them.
The rear rubber portion is sealed - you may have disrupted the seal while taking off the clear back. I've taken apart many DBA and that black rear portion has always been sealed well. The only place fluids could get in are where the wire comes out and the nozzle. It is possible to get fluids in through where the black portion meets the blue portion if you try, but definitely not enough to cause a problem unless you drench them for hours or something. I apply some of a...
I'll have to take a look at my local WalMart and see if they have these there, thanks for the tip. If I don't like them, perhaps someone elsewhere in the world that can't get them would.
I don't know all the background with this deal but I hope you guys didn't get bit by fakes. I'm sure someone thought of that before at that price, especially since AT fakes are more rampant than young rabbits, but if they are indeed fufilled by Amazon (I didn't see the page at the time so again, I don't know all the details) then you sure got lucky. 
I like the way that you presented the sound signatures with pictures - this is similar to what I do in my head to remember sound signatures. I picture different shaped rooms to represent the soundstage, different shading for brightness, and the room depicts the overall mood. For example, a narrow, tall, dark hallway for something with a narrow soundstage that extends vertically and sounds darker. It works quite well, since I can remember those mental images much better...
Sorry to anyone who was waiting on a reply from me, I was indeed away on a trip from Wednesday until today.   As for warranty replacements - I kept 3 from the last batch for that purpose, so no worries about that.
A general tip is to turn down the preamp more than the max increase of any frequency range. Example: you add a 4db boost to the 1khz band, to avoid distortion you should therefore lower the preamp volume 4db.
You can always try this. They won't be pretty, but they get you that custom fit on a tight budget. Customs are generally less value for your dollar than universals, so a good universal + this may be better bang for your buck than cheap customs.  
  A crossover divides the input between drivers. Whether the crossover is good/bad/neither depends entirely on how it is used. A well designed crossover will divide frequencies between the drivers in a suitable manner. A poorly designed one will not. It mostly helps you use drivers to their greatest potential and to get different sound signatures.
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