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You're in luck, LFF has them both.
From experience with my business I do charge a little more than the actual shipping charges, but that's only to cover the cost of the shipping box so that I can afford to buy boxes that fit the product well and save the package from possible damage as well as to save the customer from paying unnecessary excess postage. Boxes are about $0.50-$0.75, and that's all the increase is. Mind you, handling fees are sometimes needed to prevent your shipping department from being a...
Hello Jose, Check your emails, I've been very busy lately.  
Shouldn't be much longer, no.
Done. 10 days is an exception, no doubt. The issue was that I was unable to locate the email requesting the cancellation; it must have been accidentally moved to the wrong folder and not with the other cancellations. As I did not have in my memory which order number was yours, my assumption was that it was one of them in the folder. With swarms of emails asking 'When is the DBA coming!?!' other emails occasionally slip through unfortunately. My box gets very full around...
Sorry you've been waiting, I've gone through my emails a few times but I don't know which cancellation is yours specifically. The site itself does not send a notification when a payment is declined, but it should show up in PayPal. I've taken care of all the cancellations I can see, but if yours still isn't showing up for some reason, let me know and I'll make sure that gets cancelled. I am a full time student with an additional job, so I can't always act upon things as...
Hello Kurt,   Glad your order arrived quickly and safely.   How long did you burn your set in for? I was told by Sunrise that 150 hours or so of burn-in are ideal in achieving the final sound signature. The AS series was designed to focus on the mids, which fits right into what Yuin did not cover in focusing on the bass and highs. As such, one can expect them to sound different than the PK series.   In any case, nice review!
They are discontinued and if you want a set you'll have to find a used one.
They didn't make it, so it's not their product and therefore have no obligation to do anything unless you bought from an authorized dealer, which you did not. Just as Senn won't do anything other than shrug if I try to send them a fake IE8 I bought off of DealExtreme for $0.99.
If you're talking the second version, (marked Rev. 1 on the packaging, with the original PFE being theoretically ''Rev. 0") it was introduced to alleviate the fractures caused in the body of the original PFE due to the composition of the plastic, as well as to improve the cable. No sound change was introduced. My apologies if this information is not useful and there is a new 3rd revision (which would say Rev. 2 on the packaging) that I have missed by not following the...
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