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It shouldn't have, not without you explicitly doing so. My PayPal doesn't show anything new.   For some reason PayPal's IPN has been funny the last day or so, and it looks like it just fixed itself in one big hit. Hopefully it doesn't confuse too many people. I'll change them back to 'Completed' as they should be, so my apologies for another set of emails.
I just updated the site to reflect the change in stock quantities. What happened was that the allocated backorder quantity was reached - and it was pure coincidence that that was filled up right when I got the shipment in. I didn't want a situation like last time where the entire shipment was sold before it arrived, thus leaving those who wanted to place an order when they were in out in the cold. It will take a couple days to churn through them all, as well as sort out...
Indeed it does!
In most cases it's something to do with your credit card and for some reason the transaction was not allowed through. The best way to solve the problem is to call your CC company and see what's going on.
The second carton is just the back of the DBA carton, not another product.
The site is currently still down due to a small mistake - it should (finally) be completely resolved and once the DNS updates again it should be accessible by everyone. I'm not the normal admin for my site (David is), so there was one small (but critical) thing that I missed earlier. I acted in order to minimize downtime (David is in a different time zone) but it looks like it would have been faster to leave it to David after all. Oh well, we all learn by making mistakes.
This is the reason - except that I only changed domain registrars, but it still has the same effect. Once the new information propagates through DNS servers, everyone should be able to see it. It's dependent on how quick your ISP is at doing so, but I'd imagine for many it shouldn't be too long.
If you can't get on the site, it's probably because your ISP has not yet updated their DNS cache. This would be why some people can and some people cannot access the site (and why it works fine for me.) As soon as your internet service provider updates their DNS cache, you'll be able to get on the site. Unless your ISP is really slow on that for some reason, you should see it again fairly soon. To explain the whole thing, I switched from GoDaddy to another domain...
There was a slight delay in the switchover of the domain name between registrars this morning, but there should be no longer any issue. If you are having an issue, just let me know so it can be worked out and eliminated. I can access the site from any computer just fine right now.
The main reason would be logistics within FA and dealers, as there isn't a huge amount available for every retailer.
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