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For anyone who's about to post such things, please keep in mind that I am a full time student with an additional second job and for the most part am running this single handedly. I'm not a massive retailer and I don't have staff working full time to answer emails and process orders. That will come as the business grows, and it's not very far off, but in the mean time, please do keep this in mind. That doesn't mean you shouldn't expect good CS, but with the intense demand...
PayPal's been acting funny lately and has erroneously changed the "Completed" status of some orders back to "Processed" when they were already completed and shipped. Sorry for any duplicates - we can't really help it. I talked to my admin and he said that it's not just us having the issue - it's happening for many web stores and it appears the only fix at this time is to upgrade to PayPal's $30/month Website Payments Pro, which is a bit overkill at this point for me. All...
You'll get an e-mail if that's the case. As far as I know right now there should be no issue for anyone who placed an order.
If you won, you're fairly obligated to pay, so, I think you effectively bought them.
I'd honestly skip eBay altogether unless you find an authorized dealer, because you don't get any warranty if you don't purchase from an authorized dealer, and you lose the 'you break it, we replace it (once)' and the lifetime defect warranty that Monster gives you. But, it's your decision. They don't look suspicious, but there's no concrete proof they aren't fake. You're probably safe given the seller's ratings, but take everything with a grain of salt.
If it was a bid, that makes more sense. You may have just gotten lucky and found a legit set. At the very least the seller accepts returns, albeit unopened only.
Yeah, it's HK airmail, I wouldn't expect wonders. The FiiO I ordered from them didn't take too long (only 2-3 weeks I think) but other HK items I've ordered have taken a while. So, in short, if you really need something from HK, EMS it, otherwise it may be a while.
AFAIK the lowest they've been legitimately is $200 and that was in the infamous Dell deal that my pair came from, right in the very beginning of the Copper's history on Head-Fi. Make sure that they are coming from an authorized dealer, because I highly doubt that those would be legit. If you want, you could post the link so we can help you establish whether the source is legitimate or not.
Remember that Treoo's price is in SGD, not USD. Their price should be roughly the same as mine when you convert it. When I looked it up a second ago it was $178 USD, but that's probably due to the recent mass-flocking to the USD amidst the Korean conflicts.
Your order is safe, don't worry. The reason that some orders are still pre-authorized is to ensure that there is stock and that your money won't be taken if there isn't stock. We're waiting to hear back from some people who ordered over a month ago whose pre-authorizations expired - they waited the longest and should receive stock priority. Once that is taken care of, other orders will be processed. That should mostly happen today though, I'm working a weekend for you guys. 
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