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The V1 Xcape had the same jack as the RE0. The V2 Xcape has a new jack that I don't see breaking the same way - much more rigid. Someone'll post pictures soon enough.
The new shipment is indeed the new model. (I am Bugden Audio, for those who do not know.)   Don't take this as official word on their part, but as far as I know, Sunrise did not intend to market the new batch any differently than simply improved. By that I mean there is no packaging change, and no 'Ver. 2' marking.   The new batch is now in stock. I can't give any subjective input as per Head-Fi regulations, but I will say it is different. I'll wait for them to...
Hello everyone,   I did not see this thread before, hence why I have not yet posted.   A couple months ago I was having quite the difficulty in keeping up with emails, and that showed in the customer service. I would like to sincerely apologize for that. I am running this by myself for the most part, so yes, there are sometimes delays. I have since sorted out the email issues, and I guarantee that you will receive a reply. There comes a time for many businesses...
I wouldn't totally discredit burn-in as there are electronics in the crossovers that may experience a short burn in time, in addition to possible cable burn-in (I have no take on that having not noticed the differences myself), but yes, I'd say that any difference is most likely due to filter differences, with older DBA having the paper filter up front that could get clogged a bit easier, which would change the sound slightly (or not so slightly). And yes, dfrost's...
I believe the primary reason I have them first is that I have them sent over by courier, and generally have them within a few days of them being sent over. In Russia there are more customs issues and I believe it comes over by normal air freight. Price has nothing to do with the shipping, and while it may appear that my price is higher, I offer free shipping from Canada to compensate ($7+ value).
They are indeed back in stock, the site has been updated to reflect their arrival. They did arrive on the 18th.
I am the man behind Bugden Audio. Those complaints were all taken care of. To give you some history, I am a full time student, and at one point between school and the intense interest in the DBA, I was completely flooded with emails. Some got lost in the process. Some people, I responded to but claim to have not received my letters.   Basically, the volume of mail flooded the system in place at the time. That has since been looked after and a new system put into place to...
Sorry guys, I'm still swamped - bad couple weeks for school work on top of that. Please don't think I'm ignoring you, because that's not the case. I'm switching to a support ticket system to better handle inquiries, as it seems the standard 'Contact Us' form is generating too much mail for me to handle myself, and I don't have any staff available to answer emails just yet.
  ER4 tips are what I have and are what people have said are the correct tips. Now, I'm sure some have tried the ER6i tips - I honestly don't know what the difference is having never owned an Ety IEM or been a fan of deep insertion tips.
His Twitter - while not confirmed as himself - looks to show that he is well. http://twitter.com/valkolton
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