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My short review.   Ether-C straight into my iMac: Wow. These are amazing. Ether-C through my Mojo: HOLY F*@K!   Thanks for reading. :-) 
I am surprised that the Chord had so many recommendations, even over something like the Modi Multibit and the Asgard 2. I will give the Chord a try.
I would have waited and got the Flow, but I got a very good deal on the Ether-C. I will probably wait until production/upgrades times are shorter, but reading the reports doesn't make it easy to wait.
Oh how I wish!
I have about $500 left in my budget after buying Ether-C's for an amp/DAC. The source is a recent iMac and a recent MacBook Pro. Does anyone have suggestions? I have been looking at some Schiit gear and that price point. Desktop use, not portable.
Thank you!
Selling my Audeze LCD-2 Fazer Bambo Leather with flight case and care kit. $575 shipped. We can discuss PayPal fees. These are like new. I have used them for a total of 3 hours, if that. I don't want to sell them but I am in a bind. I will have them shipped by noon the day after receiving payment. I mostly lurk here, but I have perfect eBay feedback under Niahanchi. I have also sold some big ticket items over on and under Silvertree.
I will check where the ear pads are hitting.  I had my ears checked and they are all clear.
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