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I have had my Sensaphonics for about a year. It seems like for about the last month, I am having a hard time getting a good seal. I can move them around and get one, but one I take my hand off of them, it doesn't stay. Any ideas? I can't think I have changed that much over a year...
Joe Montana to Dwight Clark for the Catch. Joe in every playoff/Super Bowl game for that matter.
It has been just fine. My fiance' has been using it and has not reported any problems.
30 GB 3rd Gen iPod, power cord, usb sync cable, and orange iSkin. I don't have any pics handy, but everything works just fine. I will leave the music on it. It has been in the iSkin the whole time so it is in pristine condition. $100 + shipping or best offer.
I just lost mine, my back up drive (after I had just formatted and reinstalled windows but before I could copy everything over). 30 GB of music, but more importantly pictures of my dog from when she was a pup, my honors thesis, all of the data entry for my HT, and all of the research I had done for it. Gone. I feel your pain.
If you are talking about transferring files back and forth to work on, I haven't tried it too often but the Word docs seem to be ok. As far as sleeves, I really like my Tom Bihn case/backpack. Spendy, but worth it. If you get interested at all, Oreilly has a great book called Learning Unix for OS X, Tiger edition that would get you started on some command line stuff. I just started myself, but I can see how beneficial it is already.
There is lots of good research questions in this thread.
It was the same way when the XBox and PS2 were released. None of the companies make a ton of cash on hardware. Wired had an article about how much XBox had cost MS last month.
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