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I'd say yes. To my ears, the M6 and M9 have more balanced, boosted bass/treble frequency curve and weaker in mid. M21 is more bass and mid, less prominent treble, should be what you're asking for.
MEElectronics' Lucky 21 Deal: M21 for $21 or M21P for $26 with 21_FOR_21 code. Save on shipping with SHIPPING_COUPON. Deal expires August 22.
M6 and M9 share the same driver IIRC. If you're willing to stretch your budget by a buck, M21 is $21 now at MEElec's site. Use 21_FOR_21 and SHIPPING_COUPON codes.
M2 trumps A151 in bass quantity, just not quality. A151 for build quality. Problem with A151 fitting for me though, but mine's probably a rare case.
MEElectronics 50% off R1/CW31/CW31P + Free US/$2.95 Off International Shipping with WOOD_50_OFF + SHIPPING_COUPON codes.
Didn't realize that. I did notice that if I were to put both the A151 and the CC51 together in the cart, the shipping went to 32.95. Yikes. It remained at 19.95 for either A151 or CC51 plus anything else, just not those 2 together.    
Is it just me or did Meelec hike the international shipping cost? It rang out 19.95 when it was 6.95 on Cyber Monday. Still a good deal, just not as great.    
Creative Aurvana DJ that I bought on sale. No bass (srsly, Creative?), uncomfortable due to headband clamping pressure. They make my Superlux feel like hi-end cans for half the price.
Negakinu: Looking forward to it. Curious about your impression on the incoming 669 considering that the 662 that I auditioned didn't do much for me, but ours are different ears. Looking at your stash, am sure yours are more experienced than mine. Everytime I put on my 669, I can't help but wonder how these babies can sound so fun for so cheap.
!? Dunno if I should envy or pity you. LOL. JUST DO EET! Been preoccupied with stuff, but still wanting a second Superlux.    
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