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nevermind   when i complete this setup its gonna knock the socks off the neighbors regardless of the outputs/inputs used   some put so much weight on this format but in the end if your speakers suck its gonna suck either way
anyone here owns ref7usb with the usb input converted to i2s 3.3v 96khz input ?   i may just go with this if ill ever need usb there are plenty of options
lol   just sent my wish list to kingwa   - ref 7 i2s input dac - i2s output di (digital interface) with multi inputs (optical/bnc/aes/rca/usb/i2s)   too much to ask of "multi inputs (optical/bnc/aes/rca/usb/i2s)" ?
before i order ref7 you guys think kingwa will release one last final reference dac with i2s input ?
ins and outs of my soon to be completed setup   comcast hd cable hdmi video+audio => hdtv nvidia gtx480 pc hdmi video+audio => hdtv hdtv => optical out optical in => audio gd ref7 dac xlr out => behringer b1800d pro subwoofers => behringer b1520dsp loudspeakers   instead of the optical out/in i2s would be preferred   anyone know if theres any hdtv coming that features an i2s audio output ?
dsp 8x pcm1704 no opamps just the sheer number of components and i can still customise it to my liking under 2000$ ?!?   fook me this is a steal!!!   ive read all 27 pages and the feedback from reference 7ers just sealed the deal for me   youve certainly made it easier thanks!
yeh but reviewers make one dac sound like an f1 and the other jitters like an horse carriage   anyways i totally agree theres losses everywhere from recording all the way down to hearing   all this audio tech just fools/tricks us into thinking thats what we want to hear   we are so very far from absolute purity.. were still infancy.. nothing comes close to live performance   thanks phill   well ive dug further and thanks to the dac threads/posts here...
im looking at dacs and i dont know what to say they all are bittersweet they all have +/- advantages/disadvantages they still jitter/performance could still improve im in need of a dac but none are really worth parting money on.. should i dig further ? those of you owning dac/s please any input is appreciated
headphone/speakers directly driven would you recommend auricap.. cardas.. multicap rtx?
another great 8788 http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f46/so...3/#post4826783
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