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Hah woah, ok thanks guys. Dodged a bullet on that one :)   Thought it was a bit dodgy that they wouldn't even have a company address or anything like that. Guess I'll keep looking!   They seem to be going up in price all the time.
Hi everyone, I've been hunting for a good price on the Audio Technica ATH-M50 and I came across this site selling them for what seems to be a ridiculously cheap price: ATH-M50   The site claims that they are "100% New & Genuine Audio Technica Headphones. OEM products, no retail packaging".   Do you guys reckon they're fakes?
Hi Elysium, I'm sorry you are having trouble with your PL50s. I know what a pain it is to deal with their customer support. I had a similar experience   If I had to give my advice I'd say don't bother trying to get another replacement. It's just not worth the wait and effort. There are better options available.   Just stay away from SoundMagic.
Hi All.   I just got my order today. I ordered a pair of Xears TD100, TM1Pro and got the Playaz N3 for free.   The thing is, I think there was a mistake and I got sent the XR120PRO II instead of the TM1Pro.   Should I be pissed off or happy?   I'll leave some comments on all 3 earphones once I get a good listen (so far so good).
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Well I liked what I read about the TD100 so I went ahead and bought those. I even bought the TM1PRO so that I can get the Playaz N3 for free. So I got 3 IEMs for 48€. Pretty good. I might sell one of them off to a friend as I don't really see a need for 3 pairs.   I like the idea of a side-step to be honest. The thing is, I was satisfied with the sound quality of the PL50 but the signature did not seem ideal for me. I'm  hoping the Xears or Playaz will provide me...
The Xears TD100 seem interesting. I check out their website and it seems like I should be able to get them for 28€ including shipping. That seems rather cheap to me. Could they possibly be a step up from the PL50s at that price?   I can't find a lot of information about them or a single review.   As for the PL50s. I don't have any use for them so as long as you'd like to pay shipping costs I don't mind sending them over. I still have the box and case which...
This is a follow up on a topic I created a few months ago: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/479889/my-soundmagic-pl50s-broke#post_6511866   Without going into too much detail what happened was:   I contacted SoundMagic for a replacement and they accepted. I sent back my faulty pair and after about a month I got a replacement. The replacement was faulty out of the box (one of the speakers simply did not work). So I contacted them and after a week or so they got...
I'm looking to upgrade from my sennheiser hd485. Mostly just looking to move away from open air to a closed set. I've read good things about both the akg and the ath, not sure which to go for or if maybe I should be looking for a different set? Any help would be great!
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