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  The fit is similar between the T90 and HD600. The HD600 fits me at 1-click up from the smallest size setting, while the T90 fits at 2-clicks up. The T90 has more clamping force, especially at the smallest setting. Consequently, the T90 shifts around less when you move around, and I'm never worried about them falling off.    Between the two, the HD600 is more comfortable. Not that the T90 is uncomfortable by any means, as you can wear it for hours on end without fatigue....
Sorry guys, shipping in US only. Only a couple hours left!
I found the pad mod to increase the tightness of the bass, more specifically by decreasing some of the boomy-ness. Performing the Dynamat mods on the drivers increases this effect. I fully Markl-modded a pair of D5000s (Dynamat drivers and Fiberloft pads), and while the bass sounded much more accurate, I felt it took away much of the fun factor of the headphones. When I got the D7000s, modding the pads alone was a nice compromise.   I am thinking of just taking the...
Hello Head-Fi,   I just put my D7000's on eBay if anybody is interested. They are starting at a reasonable $599 bid. Let me know if you have any questions!   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Denon-AH-D7000-Headphones-/321068396019?pt=US_Headphones&hash=item4ac12aedf3
Quote: With something as subjective as audio, pretty much every statement is prefaced by "in my opinion" and closed with "your mileage may vary."   I just let the OP know my reasons for not liking the HD650 for rock music. What are the reasons you do like it? He needs all points of view to make an informed decision, and mine is definitely not the end-all, be-all! I believe there are quite a lot of folks on here that love the HD650 with rock.
  Hmm, that's one reason I trust my ears more than frequency graphs. I found the HD650's to have much more bass quantity than the DT990s, but the bass on 990's was tighter with better impact.   I would agree that the DT990s are a bright headphone, but they were never sibilant on any of my setups, and I thought they were fantastic for rock and pop. The sound is forward and lively, while maintaining a large soundstage. I found the HD650 to be waaaay to laidback and mellow...
Definitely will do a comparison, but I have a feeling it won't be much of a competition. 
Ahh, I figured I can skip replacing the Gamma 2 since an extra DAC might be handy later. Guess not. Thanks for the input!
For those whom believe in cable upgrades...   What order do you upgrade the cables, from making the largest difference in sound quality to the smallest? Notice I say "largest difference" instead of "largest improvement," since we all have different preferences, but "more bass" or "less dynamics" are a bit more subjective.   Personally, I've found the biggest impact come from headphone recabling, but they're also the most expensive cables I've tried. The least...
I tried to a search, but to no avail, so are there any impressions out there on the use of a Gamma 2 as a converter from USB to Coax? I never planned on using the digital outs on the Gamma 2, but I was going to purchase an Audio-GD Digital Interface for an incoming DAC when I realized this unit can do it instead. Anyone?  
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