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Reduced price.   I purchased these new, opened to see if they work and then put them away as I favor the QC20 for their size.    Anyhow, they were on my head for approximately 2 minutes to experience the best NC phones available. Indeed, they are very quiet and comfortable.   I guess that makes them not "never used", but almost.   Comes with box and everything that came in the box.   These will be shipped via USPS Priority legal envelop.   Price is...
Looking for a pair of QC20i. Let me know if you have one to sell, condition and the price. TIA.
In very good condition. Price includes shipping.
I have a pair of B&O A8 I purchased on this forum many years ago. Did not listen to them, and want to sell them. In full disclosure, I am not sure whether these are genuine. The owner told me that they were. The markings and such look good.    I am also tossing in a pair of PX100 that has a short on one side. The foam pieces are pretty shot so you will need to replace them.    Both for $30 including shipping.
Looking for a pair to try out. Let me know if you have a pair you want to sell at good price.   Thanks.
Decided to sell my excellent condition W4. Comes with various doodads, but not the original pouch. I am the 3rd (I think) owner, not sure how old these are. They sound good.   I am in Atlanta. If this is going overseas, shipping can be negotiated.
I already have custom molded W3 and am looking for something different. My W4 was obtained on a trade with a fellow HeadFier and is in excellent condition. Comes with various doodads, except for the soft pouch. I would be interested in a trade with SE535. Let me know if you are interested.   Thanks.   Steve in Atlanta
I left my Westone pouch - the little black velvety one - on the plane. Now, I know that I can get thousands of other little pouches, but I kinda miss the old one. If anyone have an extra one lying around, I would be happy to take it off your hands.   Thanks.   Steve
Thanks. There is nothing bad in particular. They do sound very different.
New Posts  All Forums: