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Looking for a pair to try out. Let me know if you have a pair you want to sell at good price.   Thanks.
Decided to sell my excellent condition W4. Comes with various doodads, but not the original pouch. I am the 3rd (I think) owner, not sure how old these are. They sound good.   I am in Atlanta. If this is going overseas, shipping can be negotiated.
I already have custom molded W3 and am looking for something different. My W4 was obtained on a trade with a fellow HeadFier and is in excellent condition. Comes with various doodads, except for the soft pouch. I would be interested in a trade with SE535. Let me know if you are interested.   Thanks.   Steve in Atlanta
I left my Westone pouch - the little black velvety one - on the plane. Now, I know that I can get thousands of other little pouches, but I kinda miss the old one. If anyone have an extra one lying around, I would be happy to take it off your hands.   Thanks.   Steve
Thanks. There is nothing bad in particular. They do sound very different.
So, I have a pair of W3s that I have remolded. They sound fine, but hard to tell whether they are any better than how they were prior to remolding. Can't remember that far back. I like the fit and comfort, however.   I just received a pair of W4 on a trade and listening to them made me go WOW! There is a huge difference between the stock W4 and remolded W3.    I am now wondering whether my remolded W3s were damaged (or wires not connected properly).   Is there a way...
I have a sealed warranty replacement UE900 that I would like to trade for either W4/W4R or SE535. Please let me know if you are interested. Willing to add a few $.   Thanks.
SOLD   So, here is an oldie but a goody. An excellent condition Creative Zen Vision M. Battery seems reasonable (cannot guarantee). Physically really good - see the pictures. Comes with 2 AC adapters, 2 plug adapter thingy, video/audio cable, silicon skin. No phones, box, paper. Shipping should be around $10 USPS Priority. Was $75 now $50 - or interesting trade perhaps?
I am looking for an inexpensive Shure/UE compatible cable for my IEMs. If anyone has upgraded and have an extra one I would be happy to buy it.   Thanks.
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