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Has anyone compared these to the DT880? I find the 940 much more resolving/transparent top to bottom than the Senn600/650.
Still for sale.
Yikes people, this is a great deal!
Dacmini for sale in excellent condition. Has the 1 ohm mod. I got this new about 3 months ago. $440 plus shipping. I will pay fees.
Anyone done an extended comparison with the Dacmini yet? I am wondering how close they are.
I read about the problems awhile ago and as a preventative measure just did wrappings of electrical tape around the weak spots. Actually looks better than you would think. The sound of the phones is superb and so worth keeping. I find them superior across the board to my Senn600/650.
Headphone output to headphone output. I haven't found a direct comparison between these two.
I'd like them to do a 2 channel mic pre with loads of clear gain.
Just watched this. Is it ever good! Goes to the top of what I've heard.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm having a strong reaction to the performances. As in "blech, that's not right." Perhaps it is the symphony after all. I may have to get a pile of recordings. I'm starting to obsess a little over it.
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