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Still for sale.
Yikes people, this is a great deal!
Dacmini for sale in excellent condition. Has the 1 ohm mod. I got this new about 3 months ago. $440 plus shipping. I will pay fees.
Anyone done an extended comparison with the Dacmini yet? I am wondering how close they are.
I read about the problems awhile ago and as a preventative measure just did wrappings of electrical tape around the weak spots. Actually looks better than you would think. The sound of the phones is superb and so worth keeping. I find them superior across the board to my Senn600/650.
Headphone output to headphone output. I haven't found a direct comparison between these two.
I'd like them to do a 2 channel mic pre with loads of clear gain.
Just watched this. Is it ever good! Goes to the top of what I've heard.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm having a strong reaction to the performances. As in "blech, that's not right." Perhaps it is the symphony after all. I may have to get a pile of recordings. I'm starting to obsess a little over it.
I have a couple performances of the others I enjoy. Abaddo and Jochum in the first. Walter and Jochum in the third. Kleiber and Giulini (CSO) in the fourth. There is something off in all the seconds I've tried, usually in the first movement. Walter, Bernstein, Giulini, Abaddo, Jochum don't do it for me for various reasons. Any suggestions?
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