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Selling my CIAudio VHP-1 headphone amp. I bought this from head-fi'er rapzoo about a year ago. As much as I love the amp, rent's gotta be paid and I need the cash. Still have all original packaging and documentation that came with the amp. $180 shipped to CONUS. Money order payments preferred as my bank account is currently screwed due to Cox not canceling automatic billing when I asked them to.
I won't get into the argument of portable vs. mains-power as everyone here knows my preferences, I'm sure. It is important to note that qusp is not mentioning is that the Lisa 3 is essentially a slightly smaller PPA variant (and not really much smaller than the original). You can DIY a PPAv2 for around $200-300, or have someone DIY for you for not that much more. It's not portable in a sense that you can carry it around in a pocket or even a small purse. You'd need a...
VLC is junk if you want softsubs on anything (for the hearing impaired maybe?) or those who watch a lot of foreign films or subtitled anime. VLC does horrible things to subtitles. MPC is what I use and I've never once had a problem with it.
There's plenty of good rap out there, you just have to know what to look for. The mainstream rap doesn't interest me in the slightest, but there's something for everyone in this genre. There's lots of different kind of rap out there and blanketing the entire style of music with the label of suck is just not fair. Now excuse me while I go pop in MC 900 Foot Jesus.
My lovely little VHP-1 and AD700s are making my ears happy.
Quote: Originally Posted by m0ofassa You know how much I dislike spinning minor characters, right? Don't hate on the Small Boss now.
Quote: Originally Posted by intoart You are a liar. How is recommending headphones that I know are excellent (from firsthand experience) "trolling"? Because you're making personal attacks on anyone who claims the 770/80s are not the best thing since sliced bread. Edit: eagerly awaiting duggeh's discovery of this thread.
I think the Fuze is an ugly attempt to look like a 3g iPod Nano.
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