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Reserved for buyer.
The dac is in mint condition - I barely used it after MHDT replaced mine with this. That was a year and a half ago. The casing is flawless - no scratches, dents, etc. And it comes with the highly recommended tube WE2C51.   I've put this to sell on ebay because I want it sold quickly. If I get an offer here before someone bids over there, I can end the listing. Or, you are welcomed to bid there as well, either way - I thought I'd let Head-fi members have a chance at...
Well, I don't need to explain about the HD 650 - with the Cardas cable, I've found the infamous 'veil' to be lifted off.   I've also just changed the headbands last month, and the earcups earlier this year. The metal grill on the side has quite some scuffs, I'll post more pictures of it when in a few days.   Stock cables provided (however the short cable isn't available - I've misplaced it somewhere) and the original box.   I'm looking for a quick sale, so...
Guys,   I was wondering if anyone one of you over here have used the HD 700 with a RSA Raptor? I know the HD 800 goes with it, so is my current 650. But I can't afford the former, and the latter does not have the soundstage I'd like. I'm looking to move up now.   Any ideas?
I'm selling my rarely used Havana - the reason i'm selling is because I seldom use my headphone system anymore and I'm selling them all off to someone who actually can enjoy it.  I purchased it around june 2010 and it comes with a WE2C51, which is highly recommended for this DAC.   It's a little dusty, but I shall clean it up before sending it off.     Selling to: UK/EU buyers   Price: Stated price + paypal + shipping (pm for an exact quote)   Other...
Price Drop
Updated with tubes list.
tube list pending due to some internet problems at home, shall put it up ASAP.
    I have for sale a RSA Raptor, UK/EU version, and as such I'd prefer a UK/EU sale. I put this on sale sometime ago but changed my mind because I fell in love with it again. But life has taken over and I've gotten busy again so here it is.   I bought it from a fellow Headfier 2 years ago, and it's out of warranty now. This is the new version of the Raptor that's on sale on Ray's site. It comes with a set of extra tubes detailed below   There are slight...
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