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 I have my E10 on low gain and the volume at 5, so I think it is a good match for the MA900.
I picked mine up for $185 with free shipping from the Amazon Marketplace.
My MA900s just came, and while I need to spend some time with them to give a verdict on the sound, I didn't need a minute to decide these are the most comfortable headphones I have ever tried. They simply vanish immediately with almost no clamping force. The bass seems to be pretty good, even for EDM, with my E10, so my main concern was alleviated right away. I am moving from DT770s which never sounded quite right to me and the clamping could get to me at times. I was...
I got my M80s for $130 when Radio Shack was closing them out, but I would have gladly paid $170 or more for them. If you are sure that they will be comfortable, then go for it, they sound great.
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