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  Okay I'll look into that later...question though, is there a way to get this working on another ROM?  I'm currently on Dirty Rootbox and I enjoy the AOKP feature sets...     EDIT: I just installed that ROM (haven't tried the USB part yet) but I noticed wow it's BARE BONES.  There's no Play Store even included.  Nevermind flashed Gapps LOL.  Testing it now...
  I know I post there under the same name (in that thread already mind you).  Already tried that. :(
so like one of the guys said yesterday (topic keeps getting ignored) do you get hot plugging functionality working on a Nexus 7 (grouper (wifi))???  It works only if you reboot the device with the DAC plugged in.   I've tried on ParanoidAndroidROM, LiquidSmoothROM, and now Dirty Rootbox ROM with multiple kernels (M-Kernel, Motley, Timurs)
even on XDA I'm fishing for an answer to this as well   I'm on an AOSP based ROM and it works (just no hotplugging).  I'm forced to reboot the device every time I want to swap between using the internal or external DAC
I enjoy them stock My HD600 just have an HD650 cable (bought used and came that way)
      x3   I own the HD600 (and my friend owns the HD650) while we both have the D7000.  We agree that unless it's a certain genre (or mood) the Denon headphones are more fun.  There is a time I like the "neutral" HD600 instead (with some slight EQ'ing of the low end to match the 7Ks) but overall they both are great compliments of one another.  Jamming bass or neutral sound basically...   As for all these "mega-expensive" headphones there's a serious law of diminishing...
just got the MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6.  I got them to supplement my Denon AHC-560R as my biggest gripe was they won't stay in my ears when I work out.  I haven't had a chance to try these yet at the gym but with initial burn-in for the money spent on these it's pretty impressive.
so how do you get the hotplugging working on the Nexus 7 guys?  I'm fishing between this and XDA.
Any suggestions on getting hotplugging working on a Nexus 7?   I am forced to reboot the device with the DAC plugged in to get it working which is frustrating.     ROMs tried: ParanoidAndroid, LiquidSmooth Kernels: M-Kernel, Timurs DAC: Audio-GD FUN   Thanks!  
Nexus 7 i cant get hotplugging aspect working. Any ideas? Details I posted in the XDA thread.
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