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  ebay craigslist google   Go look.  I had a friend jamming them last night and he asked and it looked like they are going for a lot still.
  It's worth it.  After listening to a bunch though I will admit there is a serious law of diminishing return after a point.  I haven't changed any of my headphone equipment for almost 3 years (and don't plan on it).  I've gotten to that point of being content with what I have.   Anyways, I'm not your typical "head-fi" person so when I went to listen to them I was jamming trance/techno, progressive rock, and some rap & metal on the Stax and I got a lot of WTF stares when...
enjoy them.  I've had a listen to a pair before at a headphone meet up.  Living close to the admin on this forum has it's perks (get to listen to some fun headphones).
  not many posts to read lately in this thread tho :P
  Right.  I'll just let it go in shared mode then.     The only reason I switched was I started getting some "issues" in Foobar2K so I figured I'd give WinAMP another try.  I always liked the UI better in WinAMP but never the sound quality.  Now I guess I'll be back to WinAMP.  It's weird I've been using this program since it's inception in 1997.  Crazy!!!
  just did...same error
thanks for this guide.  After using foobar for years I'm glad to be playing with winamp again   I do have one main issue, I cannot get exclusive mode to work (and yes I did the check mark option as it was already set a long time ago for me).   Anyways, shared mode I notice I can still hear other windows things in the background which makes me think that perhaps it's not true WASAPI???  EDIT: Read your FAQ it still is.  Well I guess it's not a deal breaker but...
  I'm a sucker for the "old" OHV GM LSx V8 engines.   I love the LS3 in the Vette.  Anyways finally got a "clean" photo of the new ride I posted a ways up.  I'll throw a few up on here...black really looks great when clean.      
  Enjoy the ride!!!  My only concern with something like that would be keeping up on repairs!!!
just stumbled across this now.  As much as I'd like the one hour road trip I can't make it with working overnights this weekend   happy listening guys
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