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What do you guys recommend for gym usage?   I'm not looking to break the wallet (max $100).  I currently use Denon AH-C560R but they don't stay in my ear very well. What I use now are these and they don't stay in at all when lying down to do weights or any heavy cardio activity.   I need something that isn't going to fall out.   I want a set that has good bass response.  (see...
what's thin what's harsh what's full etc etc etc.   Gotta love the power of placebo!    Amps, cables, dac's etc aren't going to dynamically alter the sound that much for casual listening (100% of my listening these days).  I could care less about being critical I'm in the hobby to enjoy what I'm listening to.
my Denon's own the Sennheiser lineup when it comes to bass :)
  x2   I'm mentioning it in this thread about once a month it seems  Doing that you get the best of both worlds...HD600 neutral balanced sound and epic bass w/o any distortion (if done properly...e.g. don't go over 0dB in the tuning).  It gets about 80% of the bass I get on my Denon's.
Because the HD600 are more natural / neutral.  Plus if I want bass my AH-D7000 will spank an HD650 
  x2   I've listened to HD650s for hours on end (friend owns one).  We've compared them and he honestly appreciated the HD600 more than his HD650.  We both own the Denon AH-D7000 so the bass draw of the HD650 is a moot point because we'll just throw those on if I want bass.
650 are not better than the 600.  It's more of a "side-grade" than an "upgrade" if that makes sense...   I've said it a million times EQ the HD600 on the low end and they have pretty damn good bass and allow rap/techno to be more fun.   I tend to go to my bass heavy Denon AH-D7000 for that genre but the HD600 are no slouch with the EQ'ing.
  I own the D7000 from Denon and they are incredible for dance/electronica/trance.  Also great for rock.  If you like bass, you'll love them.     As for the HD600/650 argument, it's really all opinion.  My friend and I own each (me the 600 and him the 650).  We agree the 600 sound better (more neutral and direct).  However, just an opinion.  As for the extra bass on the 650...well that's why I have the Denon cans.  
OMG I just had to stop reading this is getting ridiculous.   Mike is the reason these aftermarket headphone companies are in business...gotta love placebo!!!
  Couldn't have said it better...sure the composer/artist/director/etc. may have had a way they want it heard/seen/etc. but ultimately it's up to how the audience wants to interpret it.     There's so many other things in the pathway out of your control (recording end, CD mastering, etc.).  Plus, if it's a classical piece of someone that's been long dead who knows if the person who put it together did it right by the original artist (Mozart, Dvorak, etc.).  So who's...
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