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Nexus 7 i cant get hotplugging aspect working. Any ideas? Details I posted in the XDA thread.
I am a frequent flyer at XDA and more of a limited poster here but cross referencing I stumbled onto this thread.  I'm giving it a crack now (the hotplugging part).  I got it working by default with reboot but now I'm venturing with the hotplugging.     Anyways, is there a way to charge the Nexus and run USB audio out (e.g. say a USB switch?).  Can it support input and output or would you have to play with the POGO pins?  I only ask because down the road I'm...
just curious...when did Sennheiser actually sell these and how much were they from the manufacturer?  Are they just marked up to hell.  I mean I've listened to both that and the Stax-009 like I said earlier and honestly for the price difference I'd just buy a couple Stax 009 instead of the Orpheus.     Is it just the aura/reputation that jacks the price through the roof?
  I listened to them at a meet...Stax 009 > HE-90 
  Exactly, I heard them properly amped at a meet and my jaw dropped.   As for the LCD2/HD800/T1/etc.  I never really was a fan of any of them.  The LCD2 were "nice" but not comfortable and I still feel our Denon's "sound" better.  I don't care about specs I care about the end product (sound going to my ears).  Same applies for the T1 and HD800...I could care less if they're technologically superior if they don't have an enjoyable sound.  LCD3 I never heard.   SR-009 and...
  The Stax SR-009 I agree are probably one of the best headphones I've ever heard.  I got "WTF looks" from people at a local meet when I was jaming NiN and Armin through them but man do they sing!  Grossly overpriced for what you get but price aside they are the best I've heard.  HE-6 are a close second too!
  well both my comment and yours is opinion so we can agree to disagree.  I find the HD800 boring and overpriced. :)
  Up to you but I did not care for the HD800.  I heard them on a Dark Star so it was properly amplified.   Anyways, I say stick with the D7000.  When I want more mid range I just throw on my HD600.  90% of the performance of the HD800 at 20% of the cost.  :)
Replaced my old AV receiver with a Marantz unit.     Great sound quality with the rest of my from our standpoint the headphone jack ain't too shabby on this thing.  All my cans jam nicely on it.  
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