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Figured I post in and say hello as a future new owner in a few days.     I felt after 5 years plus of listening to the same two headphones (Denon AH-D7000 and Sennheiser HD600) I'll try and venture up the chain a bit.  Unlike back in my apartment living days I'm in a house now so I'm more into the big speaker audio than headphones.  I do use my desktop PC often and figured I'll change up one of the headphones.  Bought a modded set of TH-900.  Going to A-->B then with my...
Well I purchased Afgan Vet's modded TH900.  I should have it here on Saturday per FedEx.  I'll update my thoughts on them when I receive them.  I currently have a stock Denon AH-D7000 to compare them to briefly.  The AH-D7000 will likely go up for sale shortly after.  
Sent you a PM     I see in your signature it says "zolkis-modded".  Care to elaborate?
 Awesome thank you!  I'll give it a crack later.  Since it appears you've owned a ton of these can you read this thread and give me your thoughts?
I'm doing some homework looking around and I'm undecided on which model to go with.  I know the Denon I currently own was basically a rebranded Fostex headphone.  My DAC/AMP is an Audio-GD FUN hooked into a desktop PC.  I already have an open backed headphone when I want a different sound (Sennheiser HD600) so a new Fostex would be a swap out of my Denon AH-D7000.  I'm thinking of throwing them up for sale so if anyone's interested shoot me a PM they're in spectacular...
 instructions for how to open up these headphones safely to take a look?
 Sure let me know the directions?  I'm just not too keen on messing with these headphones much if it's complicated but I'm open to suggestions.  Given parts are likely hard to come by since they are out of production.  
 I thought about sending them over to Lawton Audio to be worked on.  Anyone do any of the upgrades from him?  Any thoughts on how it changes the overall sonic signature of these headphones?     Oh I have the AH-D7000 model.
 Thanks I sent him an e-mail awaiting reply.  I see you have LA7000 in your signature.  How substantial of a difference are we talking in upgrade on the D7000?  I was thinking since I have something loose in the right driver might as well have someone with experience take a look at it and add some items to the unit.  I was thinking Stage 2.  Thoughts?  Thanks!  
I've been having a slight rattle in my right speaker in the Denon AH-D7000 I own.  It's under higher bass applications but figured maybe I'll contact his services for a look at it with a possible upgrade to boot.  Has anyone done business with them lately?  I tried sending an e-mail this morning and got an error on the submission web page.   This is what I get when I submit 
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