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well if you stick around this thread I went HD595 --> D-7000 and to me it's no contest the D7000 are in a different league.  Never heard the D7100 but I've heard mixed reviews on them (esp. compared to the D7000).  I have since had my HD595 stolen by an evil ex-g/f few years back and upgraded those to the HD600 and all is good.  She knew damn well not to touch the Denon's lol.
...and trance and movie watching   Armin van Buuren + Denon AH-D7000 = bliss
D7000 won't be leaving my stable.  They're just too fun.  Never heard the He-500 but I have heard the HE-6 and those are a treat.  On the flip side, they are a total pain to amplify...heard them on a proper unit and it was a treat.  I then changed units and plugged it into my amp (Audio-GD FUN).  It played decent just not very loud.   Anyways, if I want a more "neutral / air sound" I just swap to my HD600.  Can't really beat them for used price and performance for...
  x2...when I travel I just plug them straight into my laptop and get probably 80% of the sound out of them   These things are easy to power but when at home I use an Audio-GD FUN (at the time cost around $400).  I don't think they make them anymore but you can find something similar for a good price.  I heard the NuForce ICON is pretty good too but my information may be dated as I stopped looking at stuff and just "enjoy the music" as someone else said.  I'm happy with...
long time ago in an LCD2/D7000 thread I remember being hotly debated it was generally agreed upon the LCD2 is more technically accurate but the D7000 is a more fun sound, more comfortable to wear, and better looking.  That's my thoughts as well having heard both headphones.
Sweet hotplugging now works! I will look into this but do you know if there is a way to incorporate that USB host settings menu into another ROM? I miss my AOKP tweaks. Is that menu that is called the jack norris mod?
  Okay I'll look into that later...question though, is there a way to get this working on another ROM?  I'm currently on Dirty Rootbox and I enjoy the AOKP feature sets...     EDIT: I just installed that ROM (haven't tried the USB part yet) but I noticed wow it's BARE BONES.  There's no Play Store even included.  Nevermind flashed Gapps LOL.  Testing it now...
  I know I post there under the same name (in that thread already mind you).  Already tried that. :(
so like one of the guys said yesterday (topic keeps getting ignored) do you get hot plugging functionality working on a Nexus 7 (grouper (wifi))???  It works only if you reboot the device with the DAC plugged in.   I've tried on ParanoidAndroidROM, LiquidSmoothROM, and now Dirty Rootbox ROM with multiple kernels (M-Kernel, Motley, Timurs)
even on XDA I'm fishing for an answer to this as well   I'm on an AOSP based ROM and it works (just no hotplugging).  I'm forced to reboot the device every time I want to swap between using the internal or external DAC
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