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EDIT: While my new purchase doesn't match the B&W Natulius lineup I love my recent pick-up.  I'm buying more toys over the next 30 days.  Seaton Submersive Sub, 3D Projector, etc.  I'm building up a new full out theater room in my new house.  I move in next month but part 1 of many pieces are coming together for my build.   PSB Image T6 / PSB Image C5   Amazing full tower speakers and a center that really sings.  Def and upgrade from my Klipsch Reference...
"significant' to me at least   Track admission and my 11 second time slip for the Corvette (on street tires).  Woohoo!       
gotcha that's awesome!  My ride is an 11 second car so I'm used to a hard pull but I've seen some of those videos it's impressive.  Keep us updated.  Care to shoot an acceleration video some time?  What's the maintenance on a car like this?  How much are the batteries to buy/lease if you don't mind me asking?  You can PM me it if you don't want to say in the forum.  I'm just curious and may grab one of these down the road.  :)
how's the acceleration (especially at highway speeds)?  How's the range with normal driving versus "having fun"...???   I have a C6 vette that's modified and a joy but I wouldn't mind having something like this as a fun daily driver (Vette is my daily at the moment).  What was the price out the door on one of these with the performance battery?   What do you mean about leasing the battery versus buying it outright?  My understanding was the batteries are built into the...
 Sweet dude!  Which KW model did you get?
bought admission ticket to the drag strip.  Got some times out of the ride.  Street tires = bad idea lol.  Squeel 1-2 shift, chirp 2-3 shift...I have to go back with drag radials or slicks.  Fun times though in the Vette.   8.0sec @ 95mph 12.1sec @ 121mph   Clicky clicky     
 that looks awesome!!!  Fun fun!
EDIT: Nevermind fixed it.  Please delete thread.  :)
for my other living room...decided to man up and get one of these.     Got it for dirt cheap thanks to a vicious girl who just got divorced was selling her husband's stuff.  Looked up retail cost new and I paid 10% of what it really cost.  Came with cues, balls, rack, chalk, stand for holding everything, etc.  Just about everything I needed.   I profit from this.  :)  
 why is that?  Is DirectSound actually sending a bit perfect signal?  I prefer to stick with WinAMP because it's compact and a simple player.  MediaMonkey, Foobar2K, etc are a bit clunky to me.  I don't want my music player taking up almost all the computer screen.
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