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 Sweet dude!  Which KW model did you get?
bought admission ticket to the drag strip.  Got some times out of the ride.  Street tires = bad idea lol.  Squeel 1-2 shift, chirp 2-3 shift...I have to go back with drag radials or slicks.  Fun times though in the Vette.   8.0sec @ 95mph 12.1sec @ 121mph   Clicky clicky     
 that looks awesome!!!  Fun fun!
EDIT: Nevermind fixed it.  Please delete thread.  :)
for my other living room...decided to man up and get one of these.     Got it for dirt cheap thanks to a vicious girl who just got divorced was selling her husband's stuff.  Looked up retail cost new and I paid 10% of what it really cost.  Came with cues, balls, rack, chalk, stand for holding everything, etc.  Just about everything I needed.   I profit from this.  :)  
 why is that?  Is DirectSound actually sending a bit perfect signal?  I prefer to stick with WinAMP because it's compact and a simple player.  MediaMonkey, Foobar2K, etc are a bit clunky to me.  I don't want my music player taking up almost all the computer screen.
 no it doesn't I posted about this a month ago only a few posts up and the original poster never got back to me.  :/ It was great but at this point I'm about to move on.  
 yeah if you don't mind that'd be awesome.  I built my new HTPC and was disappointed with it not working.  WASAPI works in other environments (using XBMC).  I wasn't going to run 8 but my friend's business had a spare legit key sitting around so I figured I'd give 8 a try since it's not my main work machine.  It is however, my main multimedia machine so I need this up and running or back toobar2K for me.  :P
I now have one device that has windows 8.  I cannot get the WASAPI to work.  Does it work on this platform?  Works fine on my other devices using Windows 7.
 thanks for the heads up!  Keep 'em coming.
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