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  just did...same error
thanks for this guide.  After using foobar for years I'm glad to be playing with winamp again   I do have one main issue, I cannot get exclusive mode to work (and yes I did the check mark option as it was already set a long time ago for me).   Anyways, shared mode I notice I can still hear other windows things in the background which makes me think that perhaps it's not true WASAPI???  EDIT: Read your FAQ it still is.  Well I guess it's not a deal breaker but...
  I'm a sucker for the "old" OHV GM LSx V8 engines.   I love the LS3 in the Vette.  Anyways finally got a "clean" photo of the new ride I posted a ways up.  I'll throw a few up on really looks great when clean.      
  Enjoy the ride!!!  My only concern with something like that would be keeping up on repairs!!!
just stumbled across this now.  As much as I'd like the one hour road trip I can't make it with working overnights this weekend   happy listening guys
good read glad to hear of the success     I'm on a lot of automotive sites and I've seen countless idiots try and do the same (steal some high profile car that's customized to boot).  Usually the community is on it like white on rice!!! :P
  Tell me about it so many people here don't know how much fun and more control you have with a manual.  As a sports car I wouldn't have it any other way.  Redcarmoose, LOL that's great.   EDIT: Here ya go...had a little fun.  
Well I got it finally so here's a few photos.     Fully loaded with 6spd manual        
impressive.  I said a few pages back I doubt they would get caught and I'm glad I was wrong
I will at least 1/4mi race. I've raced on actual track before never autocross. I'm sure they are similar. I pick up the car on Friday and wotts I'm moving back to Florida hence the purchase so unless there's a meet soon Iddon't know when you'll see it.
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