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I drove the car for an hour and at the end let the instructor take me for a real drive and that's the video above. It's a fun car just not used to having to really push the RPMs to get it to pull. My two daily driver cars (GTR and Stingray) have a bit more oomph. It's still a blast to drive regardless just different in how to drive it to get good lap times.
 Perfect glad you are enjoying it! Here's my GT4 fun!  
 GT4 I assume.  I've raced one around at the Porsche Driving Experience a few months ago.  Well balanced car!  Enjoy the ride. :)
Not headphones but I upgraded my theater sound stage.     Montior Audio Platinum    PL350C Center PL200 Towers Seaton Submerssive HP+ (Subwoofer (had this already))   Umm...simply epic sounding!        I removed some of the blackout material in back temporarily to let some light into the room.  Here they are in daylight.     Lights out!  SHOWTIME!!!
has anyone tried this little tweaking to get rid of BoomSound and replace with Dolby Atmos.  You'll need root.  I've just started playing with it.     You'll find it here:  
 It is more expensive by a good amount compared to the C6 but overall it's a much better car.  It's equally as fast as my boosted C6 but with the added traction being all wheel drive so on the street it's awesome.  It's also a huge attention magnet.  I get a mix of the "OMG it's a GTR" to the "what kind of car is that?"  Only thing I miss is that boosted V8 sound.  I also own a C7 so it has nothing to do with being a daily commuter.  They all drive fine as a daily.  I can...
 Yes it's fine I have the USA Unlocked model bought direct from HTC as a pre-order.  It's rooted and enjoying the phone.  I used to be a Sammy and Nexus guy but the lack of easy rooting (Samsung) and the lack of an external SD card (Nexus) has got me to try a different company.  LG was "alright" with my old G3 but so far so good in HTC land!!!
 because your ears are different than mine, which are different than the millions of other people out there.  We all hear differently.  For example, I like bass.  I also like neutral sound.  If I want a colored jam fest I slap on my Denon AH-D7000.  I want neutral I use my HD600s...but I EQ some extra bass on the low end.  It's like an open AH-D7000 to me.  :) Not to get on a whole debate, but IMO... Extensive EQ tweaking - get better hardware Subtle EQ tweaking -...
Great sound signature from the HTC 10.     I tried out the Sennheiser HD 600.  Don't think I've ever heard them sing on a mobile device before.  Impressive.     My techno cans (Denon AH-D7000) sound right at home on this phone.     Only problem...neither one of these headphones are portable.  I'm going to need to grab an inexpensive pair of ear buds to go along with this phone.
 well I'm selling the black Vette I loved it but no need for it now that I've moved to the GTR.  I'm a doctor in my 30s just trying to live it up before the kids come along.      
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