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I now have one device that has windows 8.  I cannot get the WASAPI to work.  Does it work on this platform?  Works fine on my other devices using Windows 7.
 thanks for the heads up!  Keep 'em coming.
 While I find the work impressive and whatnot I always wonder those who get these put any thought into what it'll look like when they get older???
 since I'm on head-fi I'm going to say...FLAC music 
Built a new computer / server for the home theater.   Core i7 with water cooling LGA 2011 ATI 7950 Plenty of RAM Full tower ATX with hot swappable hard drives.  It's got over 20 TB of storage.  :)                  
  Don't be.  Even though I said good choice initially I own an S4 not an HTC.  Both are awesome phones.  Removable storage + battery = win :)
good phone choice!
  IIRC it's 1 3/4" off the primaries.  I can somewhat quiet the car for daily driving but most of the time I leave it open it's just too much fun.  It's the PFADT headers (google them they're one of the best available for the GM engines)   I have plenty of videos playing around with it.  Here's a cold start and some granny shifting action...Evo X chilling next to it on the left.  The cars are polar opposites.   
thanks dude!  I have more videos of it.  I'll just throw my other favorite one up for now.  It's stupid loud lol.  I won't be jamming headphones much after this because I'll likely lose my hearing.     It has an NPP exhaust though that allows me to quiet it by about 80% as long as I keep it under 3500rpms.  All the videos I disabled it and just let it scream.   
Bought a full exhaust system for the Corvette.  It's a beast now.  Dyno tuned 525hp / 560tq          
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