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 Awesome ride man!  I wish more cars came with manual (despite auto becoming more superior day by day).  0-60 in two gears!?!?!?  Wow!   Two gear shifts gets me to 115mph LOL
Here's other parts of my theater room in progress.  I posted one photo of the sub a week or so ago.  Here's the other speakers and my work in progress...   Theater room... Aperion Grand Verus Towers x2 Aperion Grand Verus Center x1 Aperion Grand Forte Satellites x4 Seaton Submersive HP+   Living Room PSB Image T6 Rest not pictured: Image C5 center, Polk RC85i in wall surrounds     Here's the theater speakers (left Aperion Grand Verus) and my living room...
 Aperion Audio Grand Verus lineup Here's a posting I threw up on AVSForum today.  It details the rig a little bit more.  It's still in "beta".  I still have to mount the projector, hide wires, light treatment, etc. etc.   http://www.avsforum.com/forum/29-what-s-your-system-configuration/1596961-home-cinema-1-0-a.html They're a beauty in person. 
It does lol.  You can feel it when in the hot tub out back.  Most subs I've heard, this is a sub you FEEL.   
yes I agree The other sub there is an Outlaw LFM-1 EX and by no means is it a small sub (in sound nor size).  I finally got a chance to jam out the new sub in my theater room (150" projector screen etc.) and my jaw just pretty much hit the floor.  I watched How to Train Your Dragon and all the explosions and rumbles literally hit you in the chest and rocked (not vibrated), rocked the couch.  You can really feel the low frequency effects with that sub it's out of this world.  
Speaking of bass, I added a Seaton Submersive HP+ subwoofer to the mix.  Absolutely demon of a sub both in sound (and in wallet).  It goes in the theater room although it's getting testing duties in the living room at the moment.  It sits next to my other sub the Outlaw LFM-1 EX.  
Still building the home cinema in the house but got some more toys for it.     Subwoofer - Seaton Submersive HP+ (Dual 15" drivers 2400 watt RMS / 4000 watt peak) Sony VPL-HW40ES 3D projector (on sale now if anyone's looking)    Here's a few photos (which don't do it justice as I couldn't take them with the lights off or you can't see the setup.  I can't wait to get the room finished in the upcoming weeks.  I have the screen size at 150" in size.   Have to find...
Pardon the mess I'm in the middle of moving.  FedEx just dropped off a nice 220 lb set of audio speakers for my cinema build.  Only hooked up 5 of them for now to play with and get them burned in.  Oh boy do they sing and look awesome.  Photos just do not do them justice.     http://www.aperionaudio.com/   Aperion Audio Grand Verus Towers x2 Aperion Audio Grand Verus Center x1 Aperion Audio Forte Satellites x4            
Current Speakers: Klipsch Reference Series Current Subwoofer: Outlaw LFM-1 EX   Just bought: PSB Image T6 (towers) with Image C5 (center)  <-- living room Just bought (shipping still): Aperion Audio Verus Grande series <-- theater room   Pending Purchase: JTR Captivator 2400 (subwoofer)   Photo showing the Image T6, my old Klipsch RB61 and the Outlaw LFM-1 EX.  Tiny speaker on ground (Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800)   I'm in the middle of moving to new...
 Thanks.  You're system is awesome as well.  My friend has a pair of B&W that look similar to yours hooked up to a McIntosh setup. For 2 channel it really sings. I have a home theater in my living room currently (Klipsch Reference Series, Outlaw Audio sub, Marantz AV Receiver).  I'm going full out with this new rig.  The PSB speakers up front, probably Polk in the rear, Seaton Submersive HP for a sub, and a 3D 1080p projector.  I have a dedicated room I'm making a theater...
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