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on his or mine or both?  I know on the X-Meridian (including the new remake that just came out) has swappable OPAMPs.  I've used LM4562 opamps in mine and it's a great sound.  It amplifies headphones, just not as good as a dedicated AMP IMO.
  Fronts: Klipsch Reference Series RB-61 Center: Klipsch RC-52 Rears: JBL (from 1995 no idea...they work for me I'm not as concerned about rear detail as I am with the front sound stage matching and the sub) Sub: Definitive Technology Supercube II  
Denon D2000 perhaps...they're bass thumpers :)
Yes.  I came from a pretty decent AV receiver and the Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 (original not the newly released one) and while it's a phenomenal card it just couldn't push my headphones they way my dedicated AMP/DAC can.  That also inclused an Auzentech Forte card as well.  Here were the Meridian's specs for comparison...   The C-Media Oxygen HD CMI8788 Audio Processor is the heart of the AUZEN X-MERIDIAN 7.1. 4 pcs 24-bit/192kHz AK4396VF (120dB-part spec.)...
Yeah I'm excited about this.  So let's finalize this at someone's place for Janurary 15th!  I'm fairly new into the hardware game with cans but looking forward to hearing some other stuff.   I'm about to order the Denon AH-D7000s and I can bring them when I get them along with two entry'ish level Sennheiser and Grado cans with an Audio-GD FUN amp/dac.   I'm in Wayne county so Ann Arbor works great for me.
dude you the man!  I'm calling J&R with this promo tomorrow and if they don't honor it they lost me as a customer.  That's a phenomenal deal (and from an authorized retailler so it's got warranty).  Thanks buddy!
what's the going price on them?  I'm working on J&R but I can't get them to the $550-600 range I've heard others got the cans for.  PM me if you have a recent purchase with an order number of where you got them at a nice low price.  What's a "fair" price for these cans?  I don't want to pay $999 for them.  Thanks!  I'm going to probably place the order in the next day or so.
well I think I'm sold on these cans.  I got one more long listening session with them tonight and my main concern with them was to see if I got any fatigue with them on for a few hours straight and I didn't really experience any.  So...what's the "real going price" on these things?  The ones I borrowed off a friend got them for $550 new and from an authorized retailer (e.g. has warranty).  I've heard these days around $650 is attainable from a reputable source...true or...
Got the Audio-GD FUN box to match my Sennheiser HD595s.  Although a friend of mine let me borrow these bad boys and well I know what I'm buying this week as a late xmas gift to myself.  (Hint it's the Denon AH-D7000s).  :)  I hate my 595's now but this amp/dac combo is a blast for me.   
  Personal take both sound nice but the best adjective I can give you when listening to the Denon-AHD7000s is "authoritative."  That's their sound delivery over the HD595 and most other headphones I've listened to.  The bass hit is just intoxicating, especially with techno music.  Sennheiser does a bit better with live recordings and the like where there's a lot of "hiss" in the recorded track.  The Denon's can sometimes accentuate the hiss to my ears.  Otherwise for me...
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