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You want bass?  You look at Denon!   :)
well I just got my Denon AH-D7000s   I'll be trying to break them in for next week.  :)   Anyone have any requests for the type of music / movies they'd like to demo out?  I have tons but I can't bring it all with me.
J&R phone order...$650 USD shipped.  Almost got them for $581 but I can't complain since most places the best you can find is $749 even after haggling J&R.  
yay I got my Denon AH-D7000s in the mail today.  I'm in heaven.  :D      Breaking them in now!!!!
well I opted to just jump up and I bought the D7000 :)  I should be getting them today or tomorrow.  :)
I like the Audio-GD FUN for the D7000s.  Sounded pretty similar to how they sounded on a Benchmark DAC PRE 1.  Then again I'm not that critical when I listen as others (no offense).  Don't know the pricing of the other stuff you're looking at but I'm going to assume it's more expensive than what I recommended (which is around $400-450 USD)
I can bring the following...I'm just starting with this whole headphone world so my equipment may appear "inferior" to others but I didn't see anyone mentioning bringing any of what I list below.   Phones: Denon AH-D7000, Sennheiser HD595, Grado SR-80 (semi-broken but works) DAC/Amps: Audio-GD FUN (Version A) Source: My laptop with some of my DSP/EQ software along with any audio/video requests to demo out with (FLAC, MP3, MKV, Bluray, etc.).  I have a full...
Keep it at the 15th.  My job is a 24/7/365 type of thing and that's the only weekend out of the dates you listed so far that works perfect for me.  Plus it's the popular choice.  I look forward to checking this out as this is all relatively new for me.
son of a...   I call J&R to show them that Electronics Expo is giving these cans away for $584 and this is how it goes.    On Electronics Expo site it listed for $801...apply coupon code and wham it goes to $584.  So I get the J&R guy on the phone and he goes to price check.  He goes I see it's $801 but now I put the code in and it jumped to $999.  I then tried it myself and it's no longer listed for $801 and coupon code doesn't even budge the...
on his or mine or both?  I know on the X-Meridian (including the new remake that just came out) has swappable OPAMPs.  I've used LM4562 opamps in mine and it's a great sound.  It amplifies headphones, just not as good as a dedicated AMP IMO.
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