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Quote: Originally Posted by ROBSCIX I didn't say it was written in stone. We are talking about low-mid and some high end units. There are some units that will have better quality depending on what card your using in comparison. Forte? I thought you were using a XM. Just for sake of conversation, this receiver your using now is new right? Your last receiver, had a DAC of lower quality then your XM...correct? You were using analog for best sound...
I had this problem with mine too once and I just put a blow dryer on cold air and placed it right on top of the driver and turned it on for about 15 seconds. Problem fixed. It's a fine piece of hair on the driver (a.k.a. grattle). Google it.
My work PC is just a custom build Core i5 nothing fancy. Here's my HTPC and setup. I got a video of it in action if anyone's interested. The recent edition
MY BAD on the wrong forum I wasn't looking when I posted it!!! Moderator feel free to move it. Anyways...with regards to the $550 as of yesterday I saw them HERE. This company looks shady eh? How about this one? I never heard of either and I'm kinda reluctant to drop that kind of cash to a site like these than to an Amazon, J&R, newegg, etc. Quote: Originally Posted by angle_sh00ter They can be got for $550 as of yesterday when I...
Quote: Originally Posted by mrwinick yes anything less than this? I'm kinda trying to budget this the best I can. Any portable ones or less expensive (iBasso, imAMP, RW Amp 1, etc.)...can these do the trick too? Like I said for now the cheaper the better on the AMP department!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by ROBSCIX It depends on the card and receiver because many receivers use lower grade DAC's in their S/Pdif input sections. While using onboard to a receiver would probably soudn the best using digital. Many times using a modern soundcard, the card and receiver combo sounds better when using an analog connection. If you have a modern soundcard and a receiver, try it out. You may be surprised. True in some cases but if...
I've listened to all three...Grado SR-80 has my me the HD 555 is lifeless. I do like my HD 595 however if you're willing to spend a few more bucks.
any comments on the price? Is $550 really a pipe dream nowadays? Is this can worth that price or more worth it financially if it cost less?
would you guys say the Headroom Micro Amp has enough juice to power these? Headroom Micro Amp - Headphone Amplifier | HeadRoom Audio
well after PMs we're thinking the "same source" and they aren't I suppose I hold off then.
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