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mentioning one no one brought up...might be HUGE disagreement but even though it's ten years old I can jam every one of the album's tracks all day long (and can't say that about their new stuff)   Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory   (ducks & hides) :)
you win...that's an insane looking speaker.  Anyone got links for some other equally crazy speakers...call it curiosity on my part lol
Okay last photo I throw up in this thread for a bit... ;)  I'm photo whoring up the thread.  Back to the D7000 love now!  :)  
24 hours with them...freaking awesome.   Since this an appreciation thread how about a picture of a pair!  :)  
Focal Grande Utopias   $269,000 for the pair Over 500lbs per speaker   No I don't own these but I'd love to see someone find me a more expensive speaker!!!   http://www.enjoythemusic.com/superioraudio/equipment/0803/jmlabgrande.htm  
You'll like them if you like bass.  I see you have those LCD-2 I keep reading about.  I'd be curious to compare.    Anyways guys make some requests for specific artists and tracks and I can try and get a hold of what you guys want to jam to.  Indie rock is not something I have much of sorry...but like I said make some requests I can get a hold of a lot of various artists just name me some.   
Too much resolution I'll piss people off with the scrolling so instead of "print screen" I'll just do it this way...  
You want bass?  You look at Denon!   :)
well I just got my Denon AH-D7000s   I'll be trying to break them in for next week.  :)   Anyone have any requests for the type of music / movies they'd like to demo out?  I have tons but I can't bring it all with me.
J&R phone order...$650 USD shipped.  Almost got them for $581 but I can't complain since most places the best you can find is $749 even after haggling J&R.  
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