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anyone have a nuforce gdp icon?  I've been wanting to try one and compare it to the FUN.  Thanks!
while I disagree about the LCD-2 being as bad as you say...I do agree I prefer the Denon AH-D7000 over them.  Besides comfort, weight, and aesthetics the sound is just more engaging to me.  While the LCD2 may in theory be a better detailed headphone they aren't as exciting.  There's another headphone meet coming up in my area soon I'll give them a second try but otherwise I'm more than content with the Denon AH-D7000.
no new gear other than someone stole my Sennheisers   ...oh wait I bought a 1/4-->1/8 adapter...and after a 12 year marriage to WinAMP I've moved on to foobar2K with WASAPI...there's some new equipment for ya LOL!    Anyways, I'm free the entire month of June (not July) so let's make it happen then.  I'm up for meeting and talking again.    I'll bring the stock Denon 7K's and the Audio-GD FUN. 
My AMP/DAC always gets ignored but for a "budget" it's a phenomenal AMP.    Audio-GD FUN.   Powerful enough to kick the Denon's really good.  SUN opamp is bright which complements the Denon's great. 
I've taken mine to a coffee shop once or twice and to work lol.  I've taken them on a plane once before...carefully.  :)   As for sound isolation there's a fix to that and it's called you're not listening to them loud enough! :D   On a serious note compared to my Grado cans they really don't leak that badly to others but the isolation is pretty poor from the outside world though!
if anyone is trying to get them through J&R at that discounted price PM me I'll give you some order numbers and dates of purchases and prices ($600-650 range).  I used those as proof of purchases that they let them go at those prices.  That helped me haggle with them.  Got them during Christmas season for $650 bottom line out the door including shipping.
for the IEM twin to the D7000 check out from none other than Denon the AH-C560R.  Even has controls for an iPod/iPhone on the cable.  I bought them on a recommendation of another head-fi member.  Similar sound to the D7K and only $100.  :)
why do you hate Grado?  I still have my entry pair (SR-80s) and I still like them on a rare occasion.  They are the "in-your-face" can.  Is it the comfort...or lack thereof?   Never heard the HD598 but had the HD595 until someone stole them off me but they really didn't even shine a candle on the Denon' the Grado's fill that "open can" void so that headphone is really a moot point.
  The Denon's are world's better than my Grado's with regards to leakage.  It's not that bad.  They leak...but nothing like an open headphone.    
I"ve kept my FUN a virgin and haven't opened it yet... :/
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