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can't wait tomorrow I get to drive it thanks. Friend took it to my house from the shop. Teased me with this video. Shakes the whole car when you rev it up.. (Warning profanity if you click on link) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWNsZPI8gzs
 Shop tells me it's a freak. On his mustang dyno says normally 540-550. I made 574 with conservative tuning (AFR 11.2-11.3 at only 12 degrees of timing). Max power is at redline so it builds all the way to the top...It's 9psi intercooled and an ECS Novi 1500 supercharger kit.
Supercharged the Corvette... For the car savvy: put down on a Mustang Dyno (reads lower than Dynojet typically) 574.2RWHP / 532.2 RWTQ For the non-savvy: basically 700 horsepower and 650 pounds of torque I'll put pics up later in the week once I get the car back... These photos are from the installer and tuner.
 I agree.  I'm already well into the 11s on motor.  Car should be insane!!! 
 Exactly correct.  Scored a brand new kit install and tuned for a really good price.  Couldn't pass it up. Only live once... :)
just put my deposit in for a centrifugal supercharger for the Corvette...I've lost my mind.   ...what it should look like done (minus the yellow).  Two weeks can't come any sooner...mine is all black so I figured a matte black supercharger would look awesome.  Hello around 675-700 horsepower.  
 not that I've noticed.  Before I finalized speaker placement I had wires all around the room moving speakers around.  This worked it fine.  
I think I posted in here a few weeks ago but a couple days ago I just finished up the light control of my theater room...    150" Elite Screen SableFrame Aperion Audio Grand Verus Seaton Submersive HP+            
I've been buying too much crap lately...joys of new house.    Finished out the home theater.  Blackout vinyl the windows and put decorative curtains over it.  All complete and ready for (American) football now!       
thanks guys!  I'm always buying toys.  I'm like a grown up kid these days.  :P
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