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  Thanks.  They're the PL200 towers and PL350 center.  I got them used for basically what it would have cost new for the Golds.  In short...about 50% off new price.  Local sale.  Got all the original boxes, manuals, etc.  It was a long journey to getting them but they're are simply breathtaking.  My headphone hobby has been on hold until recently because I've been building out that theater (which is a bit more pricey than headphones lol).  The PL350C is a tank (see photo...
I have a fully stock Denon AH-D7000 with the original box.  If you're interested let me know.  I recognize this post was from a month and a half ago but figured I'll give you a bump.  Shoot me a PM.  
local Tampa long as I had a 2 month lead time and I can request the weekend off I would be interested.
My main rig is a gaming rig and multimedia server for the house.  It hosts all my media that is shared to three other desktop slaves (office, living room, master bedroom).     It's a movie theater and one heck of a racing simulator on a 150" screen.   Intel Core i7 NVIDIA GTX 1070        
As title states, is there any good software out there that will allow you to equalize the source material on a windows PC?   I've used something called ViPER Audio for my Android device but was looking for something similar that works great on a computer.  Any thoughts?
 I'm sure I will...just remember I'm coming from the old bass jamming fun ones Fostex used to make as a rebranded Denon.  I'm hoping for more of the same sound...just better.  I'm not expecting an "OMG" sound difference but hope to be pleasantly surprised.  I also jam trance/techno primarily so that's why these types of headphones sit in my collection (AH-D7000 and now the TH900).  If I want open/air-like sound I just throw on the HD600...which is phenomenal for the price...
Figured I post in and say hello as a future new owner in a few days.     I felt after 5 years plus of listening to the same two headphones (Denon AH-D7000 and Sennheiser HD600) I'll try and venture up the chain a bit.  Unlike back in my apartment living days I'm in a house now so I'm more into the big speaker audio than headphones.  I do use my desktop PC often and figured I'll change up one of the headphones.  Bought a modded set of TH-900.  Going to A-->B then with my...
Well I purchased Afgan Vet's modded TH900.  I should have it here on Saturday per FedEx.  I'll update my thoughts on them when I receive them.  I currently have a stock Denon AH-D7000 to compare them to briefly.  The AH-D7000 will likely go up for sale shortly after.  
Sent you a PM     I see in your signature it says "zolkis-modded".  Care to elaborate?
 Awesome thank you!  I'll give it a crack later.  Since it appears you've owned a ton of these can you read this thread and give me your thoughts?
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