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 Fair enough.  If you like EDM, trance, or any sort of modern music you'll love the Fostex TH-900.  I sold my Denon AH-D7000 as I found the Fostex much superior.  
 The other issue with the HD800/800s is they look like a toy.  It's a 90s-style type of headphone in appearance.  At least the Fostex looks classy and elegant.  Also the older Sennhesier cans I mentioned (600/650) have a more reserved classy look to them.  
 I agree.  I've listened to the HD800 before and was left completely unimpressed.  I felt there was all mids and highs without any bass.  I feel the HD600 and HD650 are a better headphone, more so the HD600 but that's for another thread/discussion.  It's why I have an HD600 in my arsenal.   Slightly changing gears, does anyone run a rooted Android?  I've got some great tweaks I run with it on my HTC 10 and it's amazing.  The HTC 10 in its own right has a great audio output...
 Ether Flow C?  I'm curious about those too as someone wanted to trade me those for one of my other pairs of headphones I recently sold.  It didn't pan out.  My TH-900 are modded so we'll have to swap them out for a little bit.
TH900 lack a bass slam...wait....   LOL!!!   They have a kick and I use them for EDM and other bass heavy tracks.  Granted mine are modified but still they aren't lacking.  I have a pair of ear buds that are known to be rather bass heavy.  I used them for the first time in weeks and wow talk about zero midrange.  The "slam" was ever so present because that's the only frequency it could play.     At the end of the day I don't critically listen.  Life's too short for...
What will the likely head count be?  PM me an address.  Anything particular to bring?  I'm up in Tampa Palms area.  I have the equipment listed in my signature.     Audio-GD FUN Fostex TH-900 (modded new pads, internal dampening, etc.) Sennheiser HD600 (HD650 cable)   PC Software / Phone Software tweaks (pleasantly surprising sources on both ends)
I work at 5 PM on the 18th so as long as it's not far from me (Tampa area) I might make it out.
 I don't know if you were referring to me or the guy looking to purchase the headphones.  I agree 100% and I already have them modified.  I EQ my cheap $30 earbuds for working out and while they sound "good" they don't shine a candle on my Fostex or Sennheiser cans.  
 Hey thanks for your EQ measuring.  I used you're measurements to custom EQ the TH900 to bump the depressions and lower the peaks using a 31 band EQ.  I still like to push the bass spectrum harder on all my headphones but from around 250Hz-20Hz I followed your mapping there on the blue.  As I mentioned earlier, I bought Afghan's pair that was modded and has Dekoni pads.  Simply beautiful.  Here's what I made for corrections....  Modifications: Equalizer APO 1.1.1 and tweak...
 Let us know.  I may pick up one of those Schiit amps down the road.
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