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 I agree.  I'm already well into the 11s on motor.  Car should be insane!!! 
 Exactly correct.  Scored a brand new kit install and tuned for a really good price.  Couldn't pass it up. Only live once... :)
just put my deposit in for a centrifugal supercharger for the Corvette...I've lost my mind.   ...what it should look like done (minus the yellow).  Two weeks can't come any sooner...mine is all black so I figured a matte black supercharger would look awesome.  Hello around 675-700 horsepower.  
 not that I've noticed.  Before I finalized speaker placement I had wires all around the room moving speakers around.  This worked it fine.  
I think I posted in here a few weeks ago but a couple days ago I just finished up the light control of my theater room...    150" Elite Screen SableFrame Aperion Audio Grand Verus Seaton Submersive HP+            
I've been buying too much crap lately...joys of new house.    Finished out the home theater.  Blackout vinyl the windows and put decorative curtains over it.  All complete and ready for (American) football now!       
thanks guys!  I'm always buying toys.  I'm like a grown up kid these days.  :P
 I don't have a stock suspension.  It's got some upgrades to take the corners.   That's awesome I used to own a 99 Camaro.  Same body style.   Anyways, new significant purchase.  Put some new rubber on the car with some new wheels. 
 It's good.  I like it.  I'm just waiting for the mod community to get at it.  For now I've rooted it and put in a bunch of tweaks via Xposed.   I don't miss my Galaxy S4 one bit at the moment.  
It all depends on where you want to start off from.  The STI is a glorified Subaru Imprezza.  The Evo is a glorified Lancer.  The SRT4 is a glorified Neon/Caliber.  You get what you pay for.  I'm not saying GM's Vettes prior to the stingray had phenomenal interiors but you certainly got more bells/whistles.  I find the C6's interior to be more that sufficient.   Anyways...back to the new purchase stuff, picked up this bad boy yesterday.  Already rooted and played around...
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