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well I played with it and it's glitchy.  If I pause audio for too long the WASAPI crashes.  I've since switched to AIMP3 with a WinAMP skin and has WASAPI already built in and looks just like WinAMP.  It's been a fun 18 years with WinAMP since 1997 but I'm moving on.  
Windows 8.1 it'll play audio for maybe a quarter of a second and then pause/freeze.  If I check another option in the settings it'll play again but only for a quarter of a second and then freeze.  What do I need to fix/do to get it working?  I'm on WinAMP version 5.7 bild 3363 beta.  Do I need to use a different version? Intel Smart Sound Technology is listed sound card in control panel it's a Hewlett Packard Spectre Core i7  EDIT: FIXED Alleluia!!!! This guy's post way...
 Hey came across this the other day and forgot to post it up for ya.  If you're still around here ya go power ramps up fast and hard... 
 Awesome car!  I can't find the dyno sheet let me tell my tuner to make a copy of it and e-mail it to me.  I did track the car last night.  I didn't want to break anything drivetrain related so when I tell you I launched it from idle slowly with no tire spin I mean I didn't care for the ET at the end but was going just for MPH.  Should be a low 10 second car with traction and a hard launch. Here's the slips... Funny thing was I ran the same 11.7 before the supercharger,...
I don't of my current dyno sheet.  I should have it in a couple days once I get back home.  Remind me in a few days I'll throw it up. :)
 Yeah traction is a pain at lower speeds.  Just have to have patience in throttle control. For those who don't know cars I say just around 800 horsepower.  For those who know cars and DynoJet and Mustang dyno I'll spew out the actual numbers to the wheels.  Mustang dyno typically reads low and on a Mustang dyno the car put down 640 RWHP and 588 RWTQ.
 It's got Bilstein shocks and custom sway bars upgraded already.  I won't put DRs on the car until I decide to retire it from daily driver usage.  There's high risk of breaking the differential and rear end or axles with a full hit of all the power.  My spinning is what helps keep junk from breaking.  I may go with a stickier street tire to help a little.  For now it's part throttle hits in the lower gears.
 Yes it is.  I'm going to a half mile airport runway racing event soon.  Will take some video there.  Car doesn't have the tire or supporting upgrades to handle a hard launch so it's a slow roll out and then nail the gas pedal.  I get around 16MPG city and 27MPG highway.  Hit the gas pedal and it's gallon per mile.   I can see the gas gauge move after a few hits. Here's the video I took earlier that night.  It's NSFW my buddy drops an F' bomb in it.  Be warned.  Otherwise...
Methanol Injection...car basically makes around 800 horsepower now         I have a fun video but my buddy drops an F* bomb in it.  If it's not against rules for that alone I'll post it.  Otherwise this was a shake down pull in 3rd gear slowly getting into the throttle.  It's downright terrifying.  Use those headphones and jam the exhaust note.    
 Thanks dude.  Here's the car taking down a Honda CBR 1000RR   Beat him several times but got the last run on video.  Slight jump but gives you an idea how strong it is against other stuff.    
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