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Non-car related goodness...   Galaxy Note 5 64 GB    Headphone jack is pretty stout for a cell phone I'm jamming my Denon AH-D7000s through it and it really makes them sing nicely.    
Just got around to installing some new light and fan control modules for my theater.  I figured it's something not car related this time lol.     Adds a nice little touch to the entire system.  Dimmer control and complete fan control all from the remote control for the theater :)   $100 well spent      
Bunch of new things for the car (clutch, fuel, etc.) but I'll just post up the new rubber and wheels as it's the only thing on the outside that changed along with the mufflers.   TSW Nurgburgring Wheels  
once I got introduced to what good sound sounds like   My first pair of "good" headphones was a pair of Grado SR-80s.  From there I moved up slowly to where I'm happy on that "bang for your buck" ladder.  Not a lot to break the bank, but breaking it isn't going to get me that much higher.     I'm not an "audiophile" per say as I haven't upgraded or changed equipment in over 3 years but I certainly love good sound.  Most of my $$$ when it comes to audio goes into my...
My other main hobby is my car (as evident in this thread)...   Headphone hobby is cheap in comparison... :(   After those brakes let's see...new exhaust and new tires since I posted last....      
Just took a lunch break and went out and took some better photos of the new brakes...really makes the car pop in my opinion.  :)    
added some stopping power.  New exhaust next week...I hate expensive hobbies sometimes...   Stoptech Brakes/Pads with red calipers   Breaks up the black coloring (pun somewhat intended lol)    
well I played with it and it's glitchy.  If I pause audio for too long the WASAPI crashes.  I've since switched to AIMP3 with a WinAMP skin and has WASAPI already built in and looks just like WinAMP.  It's been a fun 18 years with WinAMP since 1997 but I'm moving on.  
Windows 8.1 it'll play audio for maybe a quarter of a second and then pause/freeze.  If I check another option in the settings it'll play again but only for a quarter of a second and then freeze.  What do I need to fix/do to get it working?  I'm on WinAMP version 5.7 bild 3363 beta.  Do I need to use a different version? Intel Smart Sound Technology is listed sound card in control panel it's a Hewlett Packard Spectre Core i7  EDIT: FIXED Alleluia!!!! This guy's post way...
 Hey came across this the other day and forgot to post it up for ya.  If you're still around here ya go power ramps up fast and hard... 
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