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Hello dudiadudia1, Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm sure this is not a problem that afflicts all X5 2nd gen players. I'm pushing the development team for updates regarding your situation and expect to receive an answer in a day or two. If you don't hear from me, please knock me over the head Best regards, Joe
Hello Nick,Can you try going to System Settings and setting "Supports in-line headphone control" to No and see if that fixes the issue?There may be static / oxidation on your earphones that may be triggering the remote button detection erroneously.Best regards,Joe
Hello baudm,Thanks for your feedback--note that this FW1.11 is beta firmware so it may indeed be less stable than 1.10. We'll work on making the next stable release more stable! Best regards,FiiO
Hello dudiadudia1, The notice was meant to point out improvements of the X5 2nd gen's firmware over that of previous X players in general Cheers, Joe
Hello wormyrocks, Two questions, 1. Does any of these computers / tablets recognize the X3 2nd gen when it is set to Storage USB mode? (System settings->USB mode) 2. Are all the aforementioned USB ports (on the Windows 8 / 10 computer) that you plugged the X3 2nd gen into USB 3 ports? Have you tried any USB 2 ports for comparison? Best regards, Joe
Hello dudiadudia1, Can you try formatting the card using the X5 2nd gen (System Settings->Storage formatting; please back up the data on your card to your computer before formatting) and putting the music back on the card and see if this still happens? Also, what brand is your card? Best regards, Joe
Meanwhile, we have finalized the design of the amp and it will be released together with the X7. Please see the updated first post for details
Just to sum up the above, the best connection from the computer to the E17K to the E09K should be: Computer->E17K USB port->E17K set to USB mode->E17K's middle line out port->3.5mm to RCA adapter cable->E09K's AUX IN ports->E09K's front headphone port->headphones Hope everybody has it figured out
How is the scroll wheel enabled when the screen is off right now?
We do plan to produce another firmware update for the X3 1st gen.
New Posts  All Forums: