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Well, you could open the album folder and tell me what extension the folder art file has--jpg, png, ???Best regards,Joe
There's no danger of distorting your IE8 via the EQ on the X5. On the earphone end your IE8 has a high quality driver; on the software end, the EQ on the X5 comes with a preamp setting to prevent clipping distortion (which is why the volume is lowered a bit when using EQ).
I've been told it's not too far down the line
Hello jackfin, what firmware version are you on? Also, can you tell us more about the music files you play, the card you use, etc.?Best regards,Joseph YeungFor FiiO
Have you tried the latest firmware version 3.24? It supports folder.jpg/cover.jpg.
Hello iuuk,This is a sore point with the X3, I admit You may upgrade to the latest beta firmware version 2.34 still does not play through folders, however it lets you create M3U playlists on your computer for use on the X3. You may create "compilation playlists" containing several albums and use this function to play through several albums thusly.Hope that helps Best...
Now Playing screen on X5 now memorizes its path through the situations you describe--here's to hoping the X3 firmware will be updated likewise soon
Hello eke Sorry to hear about your troubles, but I'm glad you finally got around to listening to them!I was digging around a certain old thread to help my memory with your stance on the whole EQ debate And I find this quote:Putting these two quotes together puts a silly grin on my face I still can't make up my mind what the precise meaning of your new quote is. Putting together the two quotes it sounds like you're saying something in between that I'm an expert at doing...
People reported being able to sort large numbers of songs on the latest beta X5 firmware (even though it's not in the changelog). Maybe download and try this latest for the X3?
Bugfix update to FW3.22 released--3.24
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