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The FAQs I translated all said it's fine to charge and play on any FiiO device.
http://www.head-fi.org/t/713735/fiio-x7-dxd-dsd-384k-64b-ess9018-android-wifi-bluetooth-4-amp-modules-balanced-out/11715#post_12570791I think you were concerned that, though you can presumably "rescue" a borked X7 under any condition using my method, you would lose at least some settings, unlike with a recovery image where you can practically turn back the clock and restore everything about your player to an earlier state.If that's no longer a concern, then sure, go ahead
That link opens fine from here though...
Unless you guys also want this thing to stream from Spotify, Tidal, etc. in which case the cows can go home before a custom client may be written for this custom OS... It would in any case be much reduplication of coding effort, especially when some bit-perfect solutions for streaming apps already exist on Android...edit: after some searching I find that James has stated that the T3 won't aim to support services like these so never...
This seems like a good time for me to point to the unofficial instructions for reverting to early firmware... http://www.head-fi.org/t/713735/fiio-x7-dxd-dsd-384k-64b-ess9018-android-wifi-bluetooth-4-amp-modules-balanced-out/11700#post_12570762
Maybe the DSD files would play digitally in D2P mode instead of DoP mode?
Where did you buy your X1 from? Only your seller or their upstream distributor may offer to send in your X1 to FiiO for you.
The following passage of the above post was an elaboration of what would be happening if the negative poles are the inverse signal path:"For example suppose you only have sound playing in the left channel--the unexpectedly bridged negative pole would have the left channel negative output trying to push-pull according to the left channel signal while the right channel negative output attempts to hold a 0V line. I suppose the result would be something in between, in which...
It depends on whether the X7 AM3 treats the two negative poles (which are to be joined together by the balanced to single-ended adapter) as ground or as an inverse signal path. In the first case, no signal would flow through the negative poles and there's little harm in joining them together. In the second case, you have different signals flowing through the negative poles and then you join them together--unpredictable bad things could happen to the sound and to the...
Could be some DSP settings you've enabled in Neutron or V4A...?
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