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Her: We'll have to ship it after the national holidays. Me: ok ... Can you make it tomorrow my dear?
Here's me expending all my charm attempting to persuade them.
I'll let you guys know when the 2nd tour set is shipped out--unfortunately there's a possibility that it won't be shipped until after our national holidays, 1-5 October. Trying to get it shipped out tomorrow, but apparently the courier services are jam-packed A new firmware version, 3.21beta is out Check the thread for download link and discussion (please discuss issues relating to beta firmware in its dedicated thread, thank you.)
Official firmware version 3.21 for the X3 is now available! The following changes and improvements were made to firmware 3.21 compared to 3.00: 1. Fixed issue where songs are not sorted by album order when navigating via Play by Category->Artist->Album to an album. 2. Added support for UTF-8 (no BOM) and Unicode LRC lyrics files. 3. Enabled time display and fast-forward / rewind through raw AAC...
Hello everybody, Sending out another set of E11K+X1 sounds like a very good idea with the amount of people you've gathered, Brooko. Now you just need to tell me who to send it to, and where. (Name, address, contact phone) The other set need not be bought if nobody intends to keep it--it can be sent back to our dealer in Oz or NZ. Suppose we can throw in a premium interconnect if you guys like it too (the first set would only have what comes with the E11K, though.)
Hello guys, long time no see What's cooking in discovery land these days?
It is hard to tell at this point... which would you prefer it be, analog or digital?
Well, there is this...
Have you mixed up your amp and headphone distortion figures by any chance? Sure, low distortion figures may be audible but it's not like the Alpha Dogs are doing much worse than, say, the Hifiman HE-5 or, say, the Beyerdynamic DT880 I'm listening to right now. Heck, the DT880 supposedly have 10% distortion in the bass but I'm not really hearing it even in pure sine tones... and bass is where distortion is supposedly most audible.
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