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I'm running 64 bit windows 7. I'm running an older version of audacity, 2.0.6.I get the load preset freeze bug on foobar2000 (if you load a preset file using M->Presets) but not in Audacity. My advice would be to work between presets in foobar2000 using the built in foobar2000 preset function, but to export to Audacity using M->Presets .e-q files and load them that way in Audacity.Oh and are you running the VST or Winamp plugin...?
I think distortion from too much voltage swing demand would be what you need to worry about for the HD6x0, but in this metric there's nothing special about the 100Hz hump.
Your problem is, suppose you can ABX the Magni and the "Jotenheim" (whatever that is) for real, with all confounding factors contained:There is no reason at all to suppose that being able to tell a difference means the "Jotenheim" is the better amp.And of course, once you move beyond merely trying to distinguish A and B into trying to "identify" A and B, you always have at least a 50% chance of guessing right.If you guess right, all your pre-biases regarding the...
In practice I've seen that home-run blind tests are more likely to mislead than enlighten, the most recent example was when I painstaking prepared two line-in recordings of Viper4Android vs the newest version only to have the tester pass 14/16 ABX trials and further confirming his bias that the old version sounds "better" and "more punchy". The kicker? He'd somehow turned off volume levelling between the two samples and admitted to hearing the "more...
This is what you wrote one month ago... before you got into those super fancy amps, I suppose. I did explain to you before why the HD6x0 are really quite easy to drive and why the bass hump and its attendant impedance hump actually lie at the easiest-to-drive part for the amp. Perhaps if I had gone further to explain that yes, the HD6x0 do sound a bit veiled to most--veiled by a somewhat humped midbass--and a touch of parametric EQ, say -4dB centred at 130Hz, bandwidth...
How does Electri-Q crash in Audacity? Haven't had that happen tbh.
Where's this post / poster at, I suppose I might have enough swing around here to say something in public about it and not lose miserably and / or we could go pm as Argyris suggests.
Agree on the power of EQ, disagree about the part about ears not being different. Try getting in my shoes for a day--you release a shiny new EQ profile based on tuning a pair of earphones with your own ears to perfection, then someone complains that the profile took away all his bass. Well yeah you did purposely scoop out lots of midbass to clean up the sound. So you redo a custom profile for that someone, adding back almost all the midbass you took away as well as lots...
By "software completeness", I do not mean "containing every bell and whistle ever programmed into AOSP", I mean "being able to boot, play music and run V4A without sucking its own shoelaces into the lawnmower in the process"
I stand corrected--although the person audio123 was responding to did have a set budget, which he broke like 5 times. Lol
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