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No, I was just searching for CIEMs that have wax guards and stumbled across this line. As you see this looks post-worthwhile based on description alone How does the new Fender line fare for you guys?
Welcome ThickT What's PD?
Anyone tried the Tunz Trio XB? http://www.trytunz.com/musicians.html
Be careful, after two years I'd received one or two support requests for a port stopper disintegrating and getting stuck inside the port and what to do. The answer was to disassemble the player so we could poke the broken piece of stopper back out from the inside Not saying it was an endemic problem, but certainly something to consider.
Hawaii, I have to agree that the EX1000 don't really belong in a hardcore basshead thread. http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/SonyMDREX1000.pdf http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/DunuTitan1.pdf http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/PhilipsSME3580.pdf For god's sake, the EX1000 FR makes the Titan and my SHE3580 look like bass monsters, and even the latter phones have their detractors citing shrill treble and no bass (everything's relative ) With heavy EQing the I-F...
iDevice or Android? For Android there's always Viper4Android
The 5 listed points cosolidated into one curve for visualization:Too much midbass and not enough subbass maybe? And too many points for the one task of bass boost maybe? Tsk tsk Here, try this:Cog button->Filter type->Low-shelf190Hz 12dB Q: 0.63One filter to rule all your bass, and you can slide its slider up and down in the main screen to control all the bass boost. (if you max out one slider, add another 190Hz Q: 0.63 Low-shelf slider and keep sliding that up )If the...
Look at the connectors on your high quality silver interconnects. What are they made of? Copper? Silver? Gold? Plated or solid?The terminals on the X7 are comparable to the connectors, not the wire.
Nothing wrong with that idea, it's what I've been doing to all my headphones, tuning standard or no tuning standard . Well not an average listening curve per se, MY listening curve Anyone want to try my aftermarket tuneup for the Zero on foobar2000? https://www.dropbox.com/s/qeoia2vu5vcr1xt/foobar2000-Shozy%20Zero.zip?dl=0Just unzip the package, run the portable foobar (it won't install any stuff or replace any existing foobar installations), drag in your music and...
I'm pretty sure that Voodoo Chile (slight return) by Jimi Hendrix was meant to have a guitar swirling around your head at the start, including, yes, behind your head...
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