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Two common causes are: Undamped driver cone breakup can cause sharp spikes in FR Half-wave resonance between the earphones and the eardrum (when the distance from the drivers to the eardrum equals 0.5 wavelengths of the resonance frequency)
We're still taking applicants I've contacted you guys personally already but for publiic notice here's the guys who's been newly taken on board (pending confirmation for some of them) for the EX1 tour since the first announcement: Cagin ClassicClay Ernek kable2082 kamcok originalsnuffy So, who else would like to try on these babies?
Thanks for all the submissions and yes, we're still looking at them
Of course, with several world tours under my belt I have considerable experience in choosing candidates. I was just pulling you guys' chain about being lost and confused , but thanks for your input anyway
8 pages and I'm still seeing familiar names pop up on every page When it comes to choosing those who get in on the tour it will be tough! (although being chosen for previous tours or having lots of FiiO gear are not important criteria in selection. What IS an important criterion, that's the question )
I think he's saying that his brand of audiophiles tend to gravitate towards exactly every idea that you guys critique
Translation is part of my daytime job, nighttime job and "God WTF are you doing in front of a computer this time of the night" job--don't make it part of my leisure activity too
It doesn't indicate anything in that respect either way.
The X7's built in player will come with your standard 10-band EQ for now (I haven't been told what formats it can apply to. Maybe all?) while any 3rd party music app you can install on the X7 will of course come with any DSP they themselves carry. Neutron now comes with a 10-band parametric EQ that can do pretty much anything I want headphone-tuning-wise provided I plan out and preview all the adjustment points beforehand on trusty Electri-Q on my computer As a third...
Hello Wayne,Of course I would like to base the decision on something more meaningful than "first come first serve". It will be a big day for me when I tally up all the applicants and try to mark their applications somehow lol. I suspect it won't be anytime before 6 October when I do that, because I'll be busy manning the empty virtual HQ with James before then while everyone goes on national holiday
New Posts  All Forums: