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Have you tried 3rd party players? Foobar for Android now can probably play it if nothing else would.
Honestly, if I already own expensive gear I'm happy with, even I wouldn't deliberately cheap down the system. Irrespective of any possible change in the sound, you never know what your brain can do to your ears after such an operation...
Well, they did fire me... http://www.head-fi.org/t/802352/joe-bloggs-will-be-leaving-fiio
lmao! What was that TV show going on about in tue first place?
It's never presented in a way that is relevant for EQed use. It's been pointed out elsewhere that headphones resemble minimum phase systems, so their phase distortions can be cancelled out via minimum phase filters. EQ the headphones to flat using minimum phase filters and the impulse response may resembles a Dirac (ideal pulse), and the CSD may resemble a cliff.One head-fi thread featured simulating innerfidelity measured impulse responses using EQ alone (I can't find...
It took some doing, but my main computer and my smartphone both have advanced EQ capabilities via VSTHost and Viper4Android respectively.If you have some small microphones that you can sort of fit into your ears, or even regular calibration microphones with a relatively small tip, you can use them to measure HRTFs at home. After some futzing around with the resulting data, they can be applied to music via a regular foobar plugin. I might be writing a tutorial on this in...
Still do
Is anyone proposing to outlaw hi-end audio here?
As quantification, my peak meter tells me that in this particular listening session the E17K has over 15dB of headroom over the peak music volume I've hit on the DT880-250. (shown by maxing the volume of the E17K both in the Windows mixer and on the device itself and monitoring the digital levels of the signals sent to it)
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