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Hmm. It's way past office hours at FiiO HQ and nobody is there to send me a copy of SAMediaScanner. I'll post it up as soon as I have it
@OceanoHere's the official FAQ for a media library update hangup which may be posted *somewhere* on the FiiO website now. And I mean no sarcasm because I really don't know if it has been posted yet What to do if “Update Media library” causes hangups? If the X1/X3/X5 hangs while updating the media library, it will still hang on any subsequent attempt if no changes are made. The first thing to try is to eject the micro SD card(s), update the media library with no cards...
Does it get stuck at a particular point in the circle or do you just find the wheel a little hard to turn in general?
Hello S77S77,You have pretty much already figured out how playlists work in the current implementation. Externally created playlists reside in "Browse Files". Only player-generated playlists reside the the playlists category. Also, there's as yet no plans to allow playlists to be named, since there's no such thing as keyboard input on the X1 Regarding externally created playlists, it may be a good idea for now to create them in the root directory of your SD card and not...
Try pushing that button three times Also, pushing twice and holding the last push fast forwards, pushing three times and holding the last push rewinds
Well since the X5 has a line out (and a great one at that) choosing the E12A was the right move
Well, since the X1 actually switches modes on its DAC when it comes across a file with different sample rate (as opposed to, say, resampling everything to 16/48 as an Android might do), that click is a hardware limitation I'd imagine. Be pretty odd to have a purportedly seamless album with different tracks in different sample rates though! In other news, anything from the USA, South America or Europe want to give the X1 a spin for postal costs only? The world tour can...
Bump? DVass and castleofargh have been taken up and we're still looking for more previewers in the USA, South America and Europe.
Official firmware version 1.10 for the X1 is now available! Link after the jump Now supporting M3U and internal playlists. Inline remote sensing adjusted to reduce chance of accidental operation by erroneous detection.
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