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  The HD650 is laid back.  I never found it dull or dark, just not edgy in its treble.  Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is subjective.  One good thing about it is that you could crank it fairly high without ear fatigue, though I sometimes had sessions where I wondered if I hadn't gone too far.  "Veiled" is a controversial tag since one person's veil is another's common sense.   I had an issue with a GS1000.  I had just gotten it and it bugged me how sibilant...
  What cable did you go with?
Yeah, I wore them at the pool while watching my daughter take her swimming lessons.  With just the soundcard off my computer, I immersed myself in sweet tunes.  I don't remember if I could hear the splashing and other bits of ambient noise.  I didn't have to have them up very loud to get lost in tunage.  There was this jazz piece, from fifty years ago, recorded either in mono or some dinosaur version of stereo.  What I remember was the brass section.  The texture sold it.
  Stubbornness in holding to an opinion - despite all evidence to the contrary - is no virtue.  If you're looking for a bass monster, Grados are not your cup of tea.  If you're looking for a totally laid-back sound, like the HD650, Grados have but one can like that: The GS1000.  If you're looking for maximum soundstage or extreme neutrality - like the HD800 - you shouldn't waste your time with Grados.  Different cans do different things.  If you want sound isolation,...
Good luck!
  Dat's a bingo!
Jumbo Pads, Extra Venting, Damping, Wood-Strip Lining     1. The comfies have been swapped out in favor of jumbo pads.  This increases HF extension, soundstage and comfort.     2. Because of the increased ear/driver distance imposed by the jumbos, I've vented the driver further, punching out all 10 holes in the driver back.  This has radically improved the airflow and the bass extension.  Grado drivers don't have much in the way of grumble, but they do...
That's funny.  I'm a Grado guy and bought the HD800 just to hear this thing for myself (knowing I could easily sell it off if it just didn't click for me).  I still can't bear to sell it off.  Every time I put it on, it surprises me.  The HD800 must be the most overhyped can - except for just about everything else.
This is probably where an HD650 owner should say something about the old and new 650s, silver drivers and the limitations of HR graphs.
  There's also a 7 dB dip between 5 kHz and 6 kHz.
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