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  That would be terrific.  How does this work?
  It depends on your price range.   The Grado HF2 has a lot of thump. The beyerdynamic DT770 would cost you less and it is a bass monster. Denon makes a number of headphones that are just rolling in slam.  For $349 new, you could buy a D5000. Audio Technica makes a bass-tastic headphone called the M50 that people just rave about.   You've got choices.
  You need to expand your definition of bass.  The HD800 actually has a lot of bass extension. What it doesn't have is a lot of bass slam.  The bass you're talking about is midbass, which is kick drum territory - great for rock, blues, hip hop, etc.  It makes you feel like you're getting a dynamic, bass-rich experience.  But bass goes a lot lower than 100 Hz.  The kind of bass called "grumble" is stuff you'd hear from giant organ pipes.  If slam hits you in the chest,...
UPDATE   I think I've fixed the "where's the grill" issue that popped up.  I spent the evening grilling up every shell I've already drilled and dremeled to fit the C clamps.  Due to the number of shells involved, I didn't use the largest mesh I've got, which is stiffer and more expensive but I'm happy with where things ended up on the other shells.  Some things seem to work better in the quiet of night rather than in the rush of the afternoon, though now I'll need to...
  Both headphones have mahogany undies and aluminum coats.  The PS1000 has a larger aluminum coat.  It also uses jumbos instead of bowls.  Less visible is the fact that the PS1000 vents four holes while the HF2, at most, vents 1.   I owned the PS1000 and the HF2 at the same time.  Unamped, the PS1000 had more thump than the HF2 and more HF extension.  When I swapped out the bowls for jumbos, the HF2 had what sounded like the same HF extension but the bass wasn't quite...
Beautiful work!  
Thanks for the feedback, everybody.  Send me a PM if you didn't get a grill.  I spent the evening molding and cutting grills.  I can send these out tomorrow.     These are the grills mid-process.  They've been molded and shaped but still need to have the sides evened up.  I like having a little wall around the sides because it allows the grills to fit into the shells without the need of glue or a brace.  A drop of Super Glue will hold them in, but sometimes it's...
  No, you need to send somebody to my house and beat me to death.  You should have had screens in both cups.  I'll get yours out tomorrow.  My apologies.  I'm clearly not the brightest bulb on the tree.  
    Guys and gals, my apologies.  I was in a bit of a hurry to get things shipped.  If you got cups without screens, PM me.  That's not how I roll.  I'll send you the screens right away.  My apologies to anybody who got screwed on screens.  I buy the aluminum mesh specifically for its use as screening material.  You shouldn't have to buy or make screens.
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