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Forget what I said.  I just read the last reply.  I stand corrected.  
  I agree that it's an issue of perception.  This is Sennheiser bass, which is 6 dB above flat at its most pronounced frequency point (100 Hz), which is low enough for kick drums and basses, though not quite grumble.  It's midbass but not high bass.  Though you'll hear of people who brag about hearing below 40 Hz, I'm a bit skeptical of such claims.  I don't know of a lot of instruments - apart from a full-sized pipe organ - that get a lot of action even at 40 Hz.  We've...
  Two holes is understated, a minimalist mod that some people like.  Four holes is the most popular configuration.  I vent all the holes.  On one project, I vented more than the ten that were there.  I started punching in holes.  There must have been 20 by the time I was done.  I'm not so sure that was the most careful approach, but I just had to do it.  It didn't improve the bass at all but I did feel like there was a significant upgrade in clarity.   The felt is there...
The HD650 has more bass.
And now for the perennial question: What amp are you using?
One option, not previously explored, is to replace the worn-out bushings with something better.  Rubber bushings are not hard to find.  The bushings used in the Grado rod holder are quite basic.  They work fine with the ligher Grado models, but they could be upgraded for a more heavy-duty handling for a better fit with the heavier cups.  This would eliminate the need for an external locking mechanism and would be more convenient than even thumbscrews.
  That's a great idea.  I'm going to give that a try.  
  Here's the nature of the problem.   Joseph Grado's now-legendary PS1 didn't have rod locks.  It used plastic rod holders and rubber bushings to hold the gimbal rods in place.  It's the same basic design you'll find on all Grados - high to low.   The lone exception is the German-made HP1000, which featured an all-aluminum body, thick aluminum rods and aluminum rod holders.  I've never worn this headphone but I'm told it's notoriously heavy.  The Germans were smart...
  James, I'll be happy to send you some Dynamat.  I've got enough to spare.  That offer is good for anyone who needs enough of it to damp a couple of magnet plates.  It won't break the bank to send you a hunk of it in a small envelope.  
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