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I know what you're talking about now.  It's late, I'm exhausted and I'm not making a whole lot of sense.
    Which one do you want?
Yeah, I just needed to go hog wild and make as many of these as I could, in as many woods as I could.  It's like wanting to do this thing and having a mountain of bureaucratic junk in your way - and then you've got that opening and you just want to let your horses run wild.  
GETTING OFF THE GROUND     I've been burning to get past the false starts and stops and really cut some wood.  This is the last week of school (crazy week) but I spent the weekend cutting a bunch of "hockey pucks" to create blocks to lathe.     I used a 3" hole saw to get the pucks started. I started lathing bevels to get the right external shape.   These "pucks" still needed the proper grooves to make them useful as slip-ons.  I used...
I KILLED ANOTHER LATHE   I was in the middle of Shell Fest 2011 when the lathe flatlined on me.  I'm not sure what happened, just what didn't.  Please light a candle and say a prayer for my lathe as its soul departs this world.   I'm sure Lathe #2 has gone to Heaven, if only because of its good deeds.  Not only did it die in the service of the greater good, it had the goodness to die on Memorial Day.  Its passing reminded me of all those men and women who have...
The HD650, like the HD600, is an excellent headphone, though not the one I ended up with.  I owned the HD650 for a time and found it extremely smooth.  The treble is filtered and the overall sound is very nonfatiguing.  Were they boring?  Yes, when compared to my Grados.  Grados don't filter the treble (except to the extent that some cushions - like the flats - seem to absorb treble).  The treble is actually "percussive" in the sense that you can feel its dynamics, the...
If you want to close it up so you can't hear anything around you, your best bet is professional sound foam, highly absorbent material.  It will block transient noises while leaving the smallest footprint on the presentation.
  If you have a drill press, set the depth stop in advance so that you won't be able to go too far with the feed.  It takes a little extra time but it's worth doing.  
You may be surprised to discover that the transient sound you're trying to block out comes as much from the sides - because of the transparency of the cushions - as from the back.
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