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  Big Bill, thanks for doing that.  I'm hoping this will be a leaner-cleaner, non-commercial board.  You captured those golden oldies and I really appreciate that.   My motto has always been, "If I can do it, you can do it better."  Some folks have really raised the bar on that, which is truly inspirational.  When the old board started, we were right at the switch from hand-held drills to the drill press.  By the time the old board crashed, we were moving past the lathe...
  Not true, Wayne.  While coming back after three weeks is very much like taking a drink with a firehose, I never considered you anything but a friend.  It has been a busy day back, and I'm still working my way through the backlog, but you are on my list and not necessarily near the bottom.  
  That's what we're going to do.  I think it's for the best.  I don't know if it's automatic or anything but that'll be part of my signature.  
  Check your PayPal.  I'm back but I understand where you're coming from.  
Hey guys, I'm back.  This is my first day off the meds.  I've been bombed out of my mind since screwing up my back.  I posted more about it on the SR60 Mod forum.  Bottom line.  I'm back to work on this and am going through about 33 messages left on my message box.  Sorry for the gap.  I will be in contact.   Bill
Hey, everybody, I'm back.  I've been away for something like three weeks.  I did not run off to Mexico or anything.  I've just been stoned out of my mind.  The last day of the last week of school, I got stuck moving some computers across campus.  Because we're in portables, I had to walk these to the media center over a large sandy area that didn't accommodate carts.  I knew I'd hurt my back but I didn't have any idea how bad till several days later when my back started...
The rod blocks are attached to the metal strip of the headband by an adhesive, such as Super Glue.  The bonds of this adhesive crack easily if you will simply work the band, back and forth.  To reattach, just drip a drop of a similar adhesive into the slit in the blocks and then work the rod blocks back in.  If you encounter resistance, it can be overcome with something blunt, like a mallet, which can be pounded on the flat bottom of the rod blocks to hammer them onto...
  Perhaps the very best headphone out there is the pair attached to the sides of our heads.  
        It's three.  The first two had faulty motors.  The third was significantly better but it used plastic on one of the parts, a part needed to properly tighten the fit between the headstock and tailstock to avoid wobbling.  The third one worked much better than the first two but over time, the deficiencies of that plastic part became more acute.  By paying for the full warranty package, I've been able to go in and swap out lathes and even buy up to the better...
Bad news: I killed another lathe. Good news: I used the store credit towards the purchase of a better lathe.  
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