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 I have -7.9 dB preamp in my Equalizer APO settings.
I don't post in here often anymore, but really, you have to have a basic understanding of psychoacoustics to use this software. That's the truth. Not to mention good test tracks for imaging.   I use a third party EQ with Isone because the third party EQ gives me more control. I will happily state that a good number don't know basic psychoacoustics in here thus don't know what the hell they're doing settings wise. Isone is a fantastic piece of software if you know how...
  called distortion.
  Thus why I said the track's (audible) dynamic range, not the format.
  Vinyl records tend to have better dynamic range, but that's due to the track's dynamic range NOT anything to do with the format. With everything being the same, digital is by far better than vinyl in terms of format.
  Surely this is   A) Dangerous  B) Illegal.
^   All are the same really, but as stated in the Hydrogenaudio wiki   http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?title=Foobar2000:Components_0.9/WASAPI_output_support_(foo_out_wasapi)     Requires Windows Vista or Windows 7 - not available on Windows XP or older. Works with more soundcards - contrary to e.g. ASIO, it doesn't require any special support from soundcard's manufacturer, other than providing a Windows Vista compatible driver. Guarantees...
  not to mention WASAPI is better than KS. You really shouldn't be using XP these days. the sound kernel in Windows was revamped for the better with Server 2008 / Vista and up.
  Isone Pro doesn't screw up imaging at all:   Here's a fully binaural song (and a damn good one)     Turning it on and off results in no loss of imaging with my settings for my head. The only difference is soundstage width but that's fine as you do realise, that most music is mixed with nearfield speakers at 30 degrees right? Also Isone Pro gives you good instructions on how to configure the HRTF settings correctly. You did read the instruction manual right?   Hearing...
Guys, you must calibrate the HRTF settings or else to be downright honest, you aren't getting 'natural' imaging at all. Isone is designed to emulate nearfield speakers at 30 degrees, not really as a pure crossfeed.   Also to calibrate it, you really need a good test track with deep soundstage and instrument separation e.g.     My settings and why it makes sense (click image to enlarge):               Your HRTF settings (Head size, ear...
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