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Found a pair, thank you to all that responded.
Found a pair, thank you to all that responded.
Looking for a pair of UE Triplefi 10 in excellent condition, please contact me if selling so we can work out a deal.   I'd like to find one closer to $130, because if its much more, I'll just buy new.   Thank you!
Hey all, I used to be pretty active and amounted a small rig, and since then have fell out of the forums and sold all of my equipment. Now im wishing I didnt sell all of my things, and now I find myself looking for a new pair of headphones again. I havent decided on amp yet, SS or tube, got to decide on cans first. I listen to everything, but the majority of my listening is hip hop, hardcore, metal. Some of my favorite artists include Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y,...
Bump. Still for Sale for $300 shipped. If they do not sell at this price, I guess Ill keep them.
Still for sale.
300 shipped ConUS
The re-cable is 6' long.
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