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George Harrison ~ All Things Must Pass   This box set ended up being one of the biggest influences on me when I was a kid. The copy I'm listening to now is the limited release of the latest analog remaster on vinyl (#4637) which was part of the record store day event last month. I have the original Capitol release that I got for christmas so sooo many years ago when i was a kid (thanks mom), and the uk apple first press I found a few years back with double sided...
Tears Of Rage ~ Jimi Hendrix    March '68 in his hotel room   From LP 3 Side 2 on the West Coast Seattle Boy box set  
Advanced Exstata? 
Grateful Dead ~ Road Trips Vol. 2 No. 4 Bonus Disc   5/27/93 at Cal Expo     I just pulled out my tickets and it seems I skipped the spring tour that year. Cal Expo was a great place to see them. That and Autzen Stadium were my favorites.   ©1995 robbi cohn/dead images   [mod edit: added copyright at request of owner]
Drive-By Truckers ~ The Thanksgiving Filter/Used To Be A Cop   10" 45 single from Record Store Day   Both songs are from the upcoming full length release Go-Go Boots  
The Grateful Dead ~ The Warlocks Box   10/8/89 at the Hampton Coliseum   I used to listen to these shows on cassette. The HDCD version is much better.   
Looking at the pics in your review, and reading the comment about what a birdie said, it does make me wonder if there really is going to be much difference between the 404LE and the 507. Certainly the frame is different, but otherwise they pretty much look the same in terms of pads, housings and cable.    
Streaming all styles of reggae on Positive Vibrations on KEXP. A Saturday morning tradition...   At this moment here's what's playing on the stream.
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ~ The Live Anthology (side 6 & 12)  
The Rolling Stones ~ Beggars Banquet   This is the '03 abkco DSD vinyl remaster.  
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