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Quote: Originally Posted by pianoplayer88key Tennessee? When I ordered (I'm in California) I had to pay sales tax, that led me to believe they'd be shipping from in California. Would that still likely be true? From there website: Quote: US Orders Sales tax will be charged if shipping products to California or Tennessee. I assume you had to pay a $15 sales tax, as well as whatever price it is for you for shipping (Canadian...
Quote: Originally Posted by pianoplayer88key Just ordered from their site ( Paid for overnight priority shipping, as I want them tomorrow if at all possible. (If I wasn't going to do that, I would have dropped $20-25 (the shipping cost I paid) on a cheap pair tomorrow morning anyway so I could wear a pair to my 11am dental appointment tomorrow.) I hope I didn't order too late (4:55pm) in the day. Now... if these aren't everything the...
Ugh. Don't purchase the E5 or ANY OTHER PRODUCT from MP4 NATION. I ordered the E5 when it was announced late November. My amp was stuck at Canada customs since December 12 and in mid February MP4 nation sends me an email saying that my address doesn't exist. Odd, because I used Paypal to purchase that, and then something on ebay using the same account, and that product CAME ON TIME. So not only does MP4 nation NOT KNOW HOW TO PRINT MY ADDRESS PROPERLY on a package,...
I am appreciating their fantastically quick customer service!
Wilfrid Laurier University - Music Education, Saxophone Guess there are more audiophiles at the bigger university down the street. :P
Hey Bill, Thanks for the speedy response, I am sure that all phonak owners are very glad to see and hear the quality customer service you give to your customers! Glad that you got my email and came to this thread. Thanks again for such speedy service!
Just something humorous I found on the PFE warranty page: Quote: This warranty is available to you only if the product was handled properly, subject to normal use, and used solely for the purpose intended. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage caused by acts of God or misuse. In addition, this warranty does not apply if the product or individual components were repaired or modified by anyone other than Phonak. :P
Email sent. I gave them a link to this page, so hopefully they will see what's going on.
For me, I just put my RE2 cable under my shirt/jacket.
wow. I have that exact same crack at the exact same place on the left phone as well! Maybe I should send an email out to them and see what they can do. Hopefully the warranty still holds!
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