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Probably when I went to the Bay-Bloor radio store and got to listen to the HD650's for the first time. One day...
Quote: Originally Posted by koven hmm ok, so you're pretty much saying there's no wrong way to burn-in right? (besides leaving volume too high) I think as long as the volume is around where you can still listen comfortably at (maybe a smidgen higher), you will be safe.
If MP4 Nation is going to continue being pricks (purchased the E5 from them when they announced they had it, still haven't arrived), I will attempt to get my full refund and take my PA2V2 back from my dad. : )
Does it really matter? Isn't the point to just put sound through the phones?
The new clips from Yuin don't look too shabby, although the font of the text doesn't have that professional look imo. No picture for the G2A, but I am going to assume they will look similar to the more expensive G1A. $50 for the G2A at Head-Direct! | YUIN
If I were to purchase the A2 or A5, would they be fine with just plugging them into my laptops headphone jack? Or will an external soundcard (like the E-MU 0202, I am assuming it would replace my laptops integrated sound??) be very beneficial?
Burn-in wave files: white noise, pink noise, frequency sweep, channel mix This site has a lot of audio clips of sounds to use for burn-in (pink/white noise, frequency sweeps, etc...) Download section for Burninwave generator That is a program you can download from that website that will do pink noise, white noise, frequency sweeps, and pure tones. You just select the sound you want from the 'Generator' tab, then press play and let it run though your phones (make sure...
put away the drugs !
The way different audio equipment sounds. Different brands have a certain sound that is characteristic to their brand/model line. Ex: Etymotic IEM's sound seem emphasized to upper frequencies, but is not big on the low bass frequencies, whereas something like the Atrios IEM's emphasize the low bass frequencies, while not having as much emphasis on the upper frequencies. The quantity of certain sound ranges is one aspect of a IEM's sound signature. Along with it can go...
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