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My, it's been a long time since I made this thread haha. From what I can remember, my Zen miraculously started to work again, but only for a week. After that, it wouldn't turn on unless it was plugged into the AC adapter (portable mp3 player that only plays when plugged in?) Went back to the Best Buy where I got it (with original packaging!), and they refunded it, no questions asked in the form of store credit. I guess I got lucky on who I was dealing with (remember...
Why can they get this but not have 8gb clips yet ?? ! ??! arghh
Quote: Originally Posted by schneller I have to wonder how some of you are inserting these things. I simply give the Shure Olives a squeeze, hold the silver part, and then gently push in. So far, no defects to speak of. This is pretty much what I do as well, along with twisting it a bit when it is in my ear to get a better seal. Start with right ear first then the left. Maybe that makes a difference !
Yea that hole seems to be quite common on the defected PFE's. After I saw a picture of the same thing in another thread, that was when I decided to give Phonak an email. @soozieq: My new pair is the same model - Black PFE's, minus mic, and (knock on wood) minus gaping hole.
I had a black pair of PFE's (no mic), and they had a crack on the left side, as seen here: Got them exchanged pretty quickly, and didn't have to pay for anything. New one is crack-free so far.
dfkt why do you have everything I want. : (
It's more a cosmetic problem than an audio one. The sound was not degraded with the chip. A company does not offer products when they know it is defective (least they shouldn't). I'm assuming this is just something wrong with the batch like some have said, and not something they intended to have happen.
Is it still possible to put on custom themes with the D2+ firmwire? I'm also assuming rockbox will still work since it's duel boot?
Quote: Originally Posted by ulyses Well it didn't work for me. The German site which I bought my phone told me 'we can repair for some cost' My Phonak's warranty is a mirrage right now. This was on the 2nd page: Quote: Originally Posted by wbrownie Hi Guys, Thanks for the feedback and especially the picture. We are taking a look at this. As noted in the first post, we will replace any defective units no questions asked. ...
I don't think it would degrade the sound quality, I was just afraid more of it would fall off lol. Also, sending an email never hurts, as long as you are sending the email to whichever website you purchased your PFE's from.
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