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put it on the d2 2 2 2 2@ 2 2@ 2 !1 ! !
the only ports that I have are USB and firewire. and s-video and an express card port, which will probably do nothing.
Hello, I am pretty dumb with this kind of stuff, and was hoping someone could help me out. If I were to use the V-Dac with my laptop, am I right to assume that the only input I can use is USB? I assume the firewire port that is on my laptop will remain useless and unused?
Okay so I managed to find some time to head over to American Sound today. The person I ended up chatting with was extremely helpful in telling me the differences in models and what not, and gave pretty great advice for everything. Thanks for the recomendation NightOwl! As it is for now, as much as looking at used gear and what not could save me money, I don't feel like I have the expertice or knowledge at weeding out what is a good deal and what is a rip-off. Thanks...
Thanks for all the advice, I feel like I've found an alternate route to look at now : ) Also, NightOwl, does Kennedy hi-fi sell turntables and used gear? I always assumed that it was just home theatre stuff in there.
The only problem I have with buying used is I don't know exactly I am looking for (scammed/jipped, whatnot). Looking at the links you provided, most of the brands I have not heard of at all. I am unfamiliar with the vintage brands and models, so I would not know what is a good deal or not (unlike saxophones, where I did know which vintage ones to buy!) : ( But I guess I will consult some local stores on what to look for and see if they have any deals. I am still a...
Hello, money-stealing forums! I've come to you because I need help. I've become really interested in investing into vinyl but I am all banged up on what to do. I'm currently looking at these three turntables: Denon DP-300F ($325) Pro-ject Debut III ($349) Rega P1 ($395) In addition to a turntable, I will need to purchase an amplifier, a set of bookshelf speakers, and possibly a phonostage. For the amp, I am looking towards something like the Cambridge Audio...
I use the Black Shure foam sleeves (here) and they are denser and wider than the comply's which I found helped improve comfort and seal. They do, however (to me), feel like an improved version of the comply tips that are provided with your UM1's, so I am not sure if they can help with your comfort problem if those tips are the problem.
Yea, either under the shirt or jacket works. Pretty much any way you can prevent the cord from flopping around while you walk will help reduce the microphonics you hear.
Anybody's E5 take about 2-3 after turning it on for it to "settle in"? Everytime I turn it on to play, it will glitch around (sound does not come out at full volume, and sometimes it will just cut put). After 2-3 minutes though, it would work nicely.
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