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Hello there! I was wondering if the PSB Alpha B1 monitors are still good speakers for their price. I'm looking to buy a pair, and have read the great reviews about them, though some of them are a few years old. Was wondering how they compare with the competition today? At $250 CAD a pair, are there other bookshelf speakers I should also consider?
Not hoping to hijack this thread, but how would PSB speakers do for a computer setup? Looking mostly at the Alpha B1's, though the new Image line looks promising. Would they perform well at close-range?
You could check Canada Computers. Currently, the website doesn't show the D2(+) for some reason, but I bought my D2 from there, so maybe they might have it in stores. Unless they are just selling the other models. You could always call the store closest to you and find out.
An 8gb Cowon D2+ is about $125 at Jetmall (they sell the cowon/iaudio line in America). Great sounding player, expandable memory (SD card), easy to customize. Rockbox for the D2+ has also come a long way. It works rather nicely and now has the ability to read files from the SD card (though it's been hit'n'miss for some people) More can be read at the iAudiophile forum about the rockbox status. I've got rockbox on my D2 and so far it is doing everything I need it to...
Are there Musical Fidelity sellers in Canada? I'd like for some way to get this DAC without being raped by duty fees. : (
Thanks for the link. On the Little Dot forum, it says Obad is their Canadian authorized seller, but it doesn't have any Little Dot products on their webpage! It confused me a lot. : (
Music files are mostly either Flac or MP3 V0/320. I said I'd rather not need to buy another active speaker, but if I don't, I'd have to bring my amp and buy a pair of passive speakers. My room is awfully tiny, so I am not sure if I will have to space for that. The M-Audio's I can buy for cheap and I will not need to buy online, so that saves me from shipping/duty costs.
How about: At the $300 level, are these 3 DAC's worth their price ? What other ones are around here that are worth purchasing?
Hello gang, I am hoping to purchase a DAC for my laptop, and to either run them into powered speakers or into an amp -> speakers. Currently, I am looking at these 3 DAC's: Musical Fidelity V-DAC Devilsound DAC Little Dot DAC_1 Would like a decent size DAC, that plays well with jazz /classical (mostly symphony). Would like as little fatigue as possible. I am aware that people say that the V-DAC does well in this area, but wasn't sure about the other DAC's. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by GN85 Let's see him review an old mobile phone. I would actually love it if I could make that my home phone. : )
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