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Hello there! I was hoping to buy a Clip+ because I've always been curious about this tiny player. BUT, I can never seem to find a retail store that sells an 8gb version. Couldn't find it for the original clip either, the highest it had was up to 4gb. I looked on the Sansa site, but the US site doesn't seem to sell to Canada anymore, and the Canadian Sansa site only has the original clip of the 2gb variety. Any Canadian Clip+ owners here that can share where they...
The PA2v2 we the first headphone amp I purchased, to go with my SR-80's. I think for the price, it will suite your needs. That, and Gary (guy who makes the amps) is a good guy and offers exceptional support for his product.
Quote: Originally Posted by FraGGleR How do those Atoms sound so close to you? I was really thinking about a pair with a Nuforce Icon, but some A2's from Audioengine might be a better size and wallet fit for me right now. EDIT: Sorry, I posted as soon as I read your post without finishing the thread. Guess I am still interested in how they sound so close as they weren't meant for near-field listening. Definitely want a whole Paradigm setup once I...
Quote: Originally Posted by koven centerfold, how do you like the Atoms compared to anything else you've heard? Well I can't really compare it to anything. These are the first real speakers I've owned. The previous one I had was the Logitech Z2300, so I am currently enjoying the detail that comes out of the Atom's upper range. Bass feels lacking, but it's probably because I've had 'thump thump thump' from the Logitech subwoofer, but it's still...
I finally get to take a picture! Foobar2000 (ASIO4ALL) -> Fubar II (with supplier) -> Cambridge Audio 540A -> Paradigm Atoms Hopefully this will last me a while.
And here I am, still waiting for the 8gb Clip to reach Canadian retailers. : ( I will assume I will only see 4gb versions at Future Shop
$450 for the wharferdale is a little too much over my budget at the moment : ( One of the things that make these speakers attractive is that their bass reflexes are in the front (which I am assuming means you can put it closer to the wall and the bass will still be there?), whereas the B1's have it at the back. What is the closest they could be at the wall but still sound reasonable (space is limited at the moment)?
Hrm. $250 for the B1's, $335 for the F1's. How would you compare the two? What does the F1 have that the B1's don't and vise-versa?
Amp is the Cambridge Audio 540A. It was being discontinued, so I picked it up at a discounted price. Most likely I would like the speakers to be a neutral as possible. Bass, I would rather have quality > quantity. The Tannoy's look interesting, will try to look around for reviews. Hopefully there are stores around the area that keep these brands in stock (which was why I was leaning towards the PSB - they are popular enough to be offered in a lot of places).
I should also say: I am planning on using these on my laptop setup, going Foobar2000 (with asio4all probably) -> FubarII -> Cambridge Audio 540A -> PSB. Musical tastes are broad (mostly things like Broken Social Scene or Sigur Ros), but I am hopefully trying to get the most out of my Classical collection (mostly symphonic music) and my Jazz. Thanks!
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