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Little Dot amps / DAC's would be nice to have in Canada. Last time I checked their forum (which has been down for a time), they had a Canadian supplier (which I have forgotten then name of), but their website didn't have any Little Dot products listed which confused me so.
Quote: Originally Posted by centerfold I had a black pair of PFE's (no mic), and they had a crack on the left side, as seen here: Got them exchanged pretty quickly, and didn't have to pay for anything. New one is crack-free so far. Well, after 9 months with my 1st replacement pair; : ( Sent an email to phonak, hopefully their great customer service continues to be great!
We are aware about that. But what are internet forums for if noone is arguing with each other? : )
Quote: Originally Posted by etiolate well... sorry if you have an old computer. or if 5-10 second load times annoy you. I think that's a pretty ignorant response. Plenty of people here have pretty fantastic computer rigs (take a look), so it the itunes slowness goes way beyond that. I switched from itunes to foobar a while back and don't regret it at all. It wasn't only the load-up time that was faster, but just the overall feel of it too. ...
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Why do you require your entire CD collection on your mp3 player?
Quote: Originally Posted by Armaegis I have these tiny little scoop things (like if someone took a length of 14 gauge wire and shaped a spoon on the end) that I use to scrape out the insides of my ear maybe twice a year. It might be an Asian thing; that's how my family's always done it. My mom would use that on my ears when I was a kid. I remember it would hurt, but I would be laughing the entire time haha
Cowon D2(+) with rockbox has gapless
Fear simplicity!
Great idea! I hope it goes well and hopefully, it will be able to hook some new people into our (expensive) hobby! Up next: podcast! Except we will probably want the podcast in some lossless format and it will be too large of a file for us to want to download. : P
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